"Thanks for reading my articles. I hope my articles can help you know more about your furry companion and give you some perspective on what to expect when raising a puppy. If so, please consider becoming a customer and sharing this article with your friend."
Sheryl has a pet dog named “Seven”, two years old now. In the two years she has been with Seven, she has gradually learned all kinds of skills about pup care, helping Seven grew up healthy and happy, and sharing some of her experiences with other pet lovers in her articles.
Sheryl got a master degree in the major of Translation and interpreting from SISU. She has participated in several training courses in iPetor and mastered a lot of skills about pet care, especially the pet diet.
To take better care of her pet, sheryl taught herself all varieties of dog tips, including foods or fruits that dogs shouldn’t eat, how to keep dogs happy, and how to train them better, etc. Her goal is to help every lovely pet in the world grow up happily, and aid in the growth of a healthy, loving and understanding relationship between the pet and the whole family.

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