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Best Pet Cameras of 2021 [Buyer’s Guide]

Updated by Sheryl on Nov 29, 2021

Do you miss your pets at work? Do you can't stop thinking about what your pooch is upto and if he's safe? Maybe, it's time to install a pet camera.

With a pet camera, you can watch over your dog 24x7 and make sure he's safe and sound. Even send them treats if you want. We have rounded up only the best dog cameras and pet surveillance cameras that will watch over your fur babies and give you peace of mind while you are out at work.

puppy looks at the pet camera
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A pet camera has multiple benefits, like remote watching, live streaming, and health monitoring.

  • Nowadays, most pet cameras have two-way audio, voice record, live streaming, and features like treat tossing and barking alert. It not only connects you to your pet but also makes sure he doesn't feel boring while you are out.
  • These cameras are great tools to watch over humans as well. You can think of installing a pet camera to monitor the new pet sitter or dog walker to ensure that your pet is in good hands.
  • You can monitor your pet's health. Pet cameras can reveal abnormal behavior in pets from past recordings that you wouldn't notice otherwise.
  • Parents who stay away from their pets too long are likely to cause stress, anxiety, and depression in dogs. Pet camera helps to soothe your pet and lifts his spirit while being away. It's said to help with separation anxiety in dogs.
boring dog
  • The quality: The camera quality is the first thing that you need to look at. 720p HD camera works well for monitoring pets, ensuring it has the option for zooming in and out. You can also find a 1080p Full HD camera that offers even better quality.
  • Wired or wireless: You will find both wired and wireless dog cameras. Wireless cameras are easy to install and need no professional to do the installing work. Wired cameras might be a little challenging to set up. Setting a wired dog camera also means you need to have a plug point in the area where your dog spends the most time.
  • Two-way audio: Two-way audio is a must for a dog camera. With this feature, you both can hear each other. Your dog will be happy listening to your voice. You can give commands and, if needed, scare intruders away.
  • Treat Tossing: Many dog cameras include a treat dispenser of different capacities. You can fill it with your dog's favorite treat and toss it to them as your dog misses you. It's the best thing you can do for your pup while being away from home.
  • Motion detection: Many dog cameras have a motion detection system. It can detect dog activities and send notification alerts directly to your smartphone. This way, you are always aware of your dog's whereabouts.
  • Barking alert: It's an advanced feature that comes with high-end dog cameras. Dog cameras that have barking alerts can detect sounds. The camera will send you an alert if it detects your dog's unusual barking.
dog camera function

1. Most Graceful Appearance: iPetor Smart Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

iPetor is the top pick on our list for a couple of reasons. Whoever wishes to buy a dog camera and is a beginner, iPetor wireless dog camera makes a great deal. It comes with a 0.5 L treat box that can fill over 100 favorite treats of your pup.

  • Night vision, 165°wide-angle view, 4x zoom power
  • Can fill over 100 treats, with hooks to hang up
  • Free app download, Alexa compatible
$139.99 $199.99 -30%
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dog camera

2. Most Popular: Furbo Dog Camera

This dog camera from Furbo is quite a popular choice among dog parents. Furbo is an advanced dog camera with many security features and advanced technologies. Although it's a bit expensive, we can see why.

What We Loved
  • Two-way audio, treat tossing
  • Unlike other cameras that work with motion sensors, Furbo notifies only important events related to your dog.
  • It has a dog barking alert, person alert, dog activity alert, and dog selfie alert.
  • 1080p FHD camera, 160-wide angle view
dog camera

3. Simpliest Operation: WYZE Cam v3

If you are okay with a camera without the treat dispenser, WYZE Cam V3 is a great deal. It's affordable, and it's loaded with features that ensure your and your dog's safety. Not only this, you can install it outside. It's weather resistance. Plus, it's compatible with Alexa.

What We Loved
  • Night vision with full-color night sensors
  • 1080p Full HD camera, two-way audio
  • Motion and sound detection with alerts
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Free cloud storage
  • It can be installed outdoors
dog camera

4. Most Affordable: DOGNESS Smart Pet Camera

DOGNESS is an excellent pick for someone looking for an affordable dog camera with a bark alert. It also has a treat dispenser that lets you pre-record your voice when tossing treats. The camera quality and night vision quality are pretty good.

What We Loved
  • Comes with a treat dispenser
  • Let's you pre-record your voice when tossing treats
  • 165-degree wide-angle view with night vision
  • Two-way high-quality speaker and microphone
dog camera

5. Most Fashionable: WOpet Smart Pet Camera

WOpet do camera is a good deal at a reasonable price. The camera quality is impressive, and the night vision is also satisfactory from the price point of view. You get a treat dispenser, but it lacks the barking alert.

What We Loved
  • Full HD live streaming
  • Comes with a treat dispenser
  • Night vision
  • 165-degree wide-angle view
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
dog camera
Are dog cameras worth it?
Dog cameras not only let you talk, hear and monitor your pets. These smart cameras are also equipped with features like treat tossing, motion detection, barking alert. It allows you to monitor your pet's health and behavioral patterns. You can also use a dog camera to observe other people in the house too.
Do dog cameras have sound?
The majority of the dog cameras have two-way audio, which means both you and your dog can hear themselves. Some dog cameras let you record your voice. So, when your dog feels lonely or bored, you can soothe or entertain him by saying his favorite words.
How much does a pet cam cost?
Pet cameras can cost anywhere from $30 to $200. It depends on their features, camera quality, and overall build quality. Pet cams that come with toys and automatic feeding system, can cost you another 100 dollars.
Do pet cameras help with separation anxiety?
Pet cameras come with many features to help you stay connected with your pets. You can see, talk, play, and toss treats with the help of a pet camera while being away. It keeps your dog entertained and makes them feel safe and secure. Some cameras let you record your voice, which can be very comforting for a pet with separation anxiety.
Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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