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Cat Parent Bond - How Do I Know If My Cat Loves Me?

Updated by Sheryl on Sep 30, 2021

Cats, like every other animal, are distinct in their own right. While many are considered fluffy and intriguing, many are also regarded as aloof, expressing their feelings and goals in ways that others may find challenging to comprehend. Some believe this is because cats are self-sufficient, have minimal maintenance, and yet show affection.

So while considering cat-owner bond, this post will answer all the common questions of cat enthusiasts, how to know if your cat loves you and how do cats show affection? Continue reading to learn more about it.

white cat

1. Brings you their "presents"

When your cat delivers you their kill, it is truly intended to be a gift... even though it is a gift you will not want to handle with your bare hands. Being hunters by nature, cats send you these presents as a way of demonstrating what they can "provide" to you in exchange for your attention. Even if the glimpse of a dead bird or rat makes you shriek, think of it as a love token for your partner.

2. Loves bites, but not too hard, ideally!

When your cat nibbles on you in a playful manner, this is one of the ways in which they express their appreciation for you. Unlike a bite that may be harmful, this one tickles more than anything else and does not do any physical harm.

cat bites gently

3. Gives you a tummy-flicking display

Cats, like the majority of animals, are not willing to reveal their tummies to just anybody. If your cat turns over on its back to show you a flash of its fluffy tummy, this is a sign that they are comfortable in your presence. Moreover, they feel cherished and protected by you, which causes them to become helpless when lying on their stomachs. Cats are proud creatures, so if they do this service for you, they will have no qualms about letting their guard down when in your company.

4. Has a thing for head butting you

Although receiving a head butt (head bunt) from a cat is not something you would consider a pleasant gesture with a person, it is a significant event in a cat's life. It is really their face pheromones that are being sent to you when your cat shares this particular pleasure with you. As though they are leaving traces of their fragrance on your skin to claim you, they serve to signify their sentiments and their "ownership" of you.

cat head-butting

5. Follows you and remains in your vicinity

Cats are known to linger about their owners when they are fond of them, so if you notice that your fuzzy feline is rubbing against your legs—or perhaps inadvertently tripping you as you walk—remember that they are only doing it because they want to be near to you and not because they are afraid of you. Even though your cat may appear to be distant when you are around, he is most likely faking if he appears to be constantly close.

6. Kneads their master

Your cat kneading you like pizza dough is truly their method of expressing the affection they learned as newborns when feeding on their moms. When your kitty stays by your side while you sleep, it is common for them to slip into a blissful condition while kneading away at various regions of your body while you sleep.

7. Twitches the tips of their tail

The movement of a cat's tail is similar to that of a mood sensor, with each movement representing their emotions. Whenever your cat comes close to you, they will hold their tail up casually, flicking the tip of the tail to indicate that she loves you.

cat twitches tails

8. The power of the purr

Everyone is aware that a cat purrs when it is pleased with itself. If your cat begins to purr loudly every time you show them any attention, this is an unambiguous indication that they have formed solid affections for you.

9. Makes direct eye contact

Felines will only make eye contact with people they are familiar with and have built trust in - so if you notice your cat looking at you, don't be concerned. When your cat looks you in the eyes and gives you a slow blink after their eyes meet, this is their version of a kiss. Be a sweetheart and reciprocate with a gentle blink of your eyes.

cat and human

10. Licks you

Grooming is seen as a caring action among members of the cat society. Cats groom themselves and each other to show affection and care. Whenever your cat licks your face, there may be a possibility that you are highly accepted in his or her eyes. You can make a respond of gratitude by brushing or combing your animal companion.There are more meanings about cat's licking, have a look here.

11. Sleeps next to you

In case you missed the very clear signs, then remember that cats like to sleep, and the location of their preferred sleeping spot at night is much more significant than you may imagine. If your kitty chooses to sleep on your bed with you, you can conclude that he or she likes you and wants to spend more time with you.

cat sleeps next to human
Feline love is always sincere and unconditional. It's possible that you'll find the way your cat expresses affection odd. But, no matter how she describes it, there is no stronger relationship than the one that exists between a human and their feline companion. Now that you understand how your cat communicates its affection for you, you can reciprocate the love by providing them with nutritious pet treat or a big, big hug.
Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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