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9 Reasons for Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? [Mystery Solved]

Updated by Sheryl on Nov 22, 2021

Cats are attention seekers and love to be around people they like most. Most cats share a common trait of following their owners everywhere, even in the bathroom. Of course, it seems good when they follow you everywhere for love and affection. But if they become too clingy, it can be embarrassing.

Some cats don't like to be touched, but they want to be around their owners. The short answer to the question of "why my cat follows me everywhere" is, your cat shows her love and affection towards you. Or she is just showing attention-seeking behavior. Some serious reasons are also possible if your cat is hungry or sick.

This post uncovers all the mysteries about why your cat follows you everywhere and why she becomes so clingy.

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  • What to Do If My Cat Is Too Clingy
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There are several reasons when your cat wants to be around you. The most obvious one is, your cat loves you and wants your attention and affection every time. She might be hungry, not feeling well, or experiencing separation anxiety. Or she is just bored and curious about stuff that you are doing.

Let's explain the top 9 reasons why your cat follows you everywhere.

1. Demanding Food

If your cat follows you everywhere, she might be hungry. It is the most common reason cats follow their owners with loud meows, mostly around meal timings. If she stops repeating this behavior after feeding, it means that there is no reason other than hunger. However, if you feel that your cat's hunger has increased than usual, it might be due to health issues such as hypothyroidism and diabetes.

2. Companionship

In ancient times, people had pet cats to deter rats only. But now, the felines are just like your family members. They play with you and enjoy your company. That's why your cat keeps following you since she likes your company and loves playing with you. In addition, they love to realize that their owner is nearby.

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3. Separation Anxiety

Most cat breeds are social, just like dogs. They love to be cuddled and stay close to their owners. If you have been away from home due to vacation or a trip, your feline will keep following you everywhere once you return. If your cat shows the same behavior, it means she's suffering from separation anxiety.

4. Boredom

In the wild, cats follow a routine of chasing, hunting, territory marking, and jumping. But domestic cats don't have many things to do at home since you provide them with all they need. That's why your cat might be following you because she is bored and has nothing else to do at home.

5. Sensitivity to Changes

Cats are too sensitive to the changes in their daily routine. So, if a big change has happened in your home, your cat might start following you all of a sudden. The most common routine changes include the death of someone, the arrival of a new baby or new pet, home shifting, or a changed furniture setting.

6. Illness

Your cat might be clingy if she is not feeling well. A sick cat gets confused, and she wants to convey her message through her body language. Therefore, she keeps following you everywhere. If you realize that your kitty is sick, make sure to make a vet appointment as soon as possible.

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7. Exploring Scents

Cats have a very strong sense of smell. Due to their curious personality, different smells from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and bedroom attract them, and they keep following you to explore the smell.

8. Seeking Mother's Protection

Your cat has been around you since she was a kitty. Therefore, she develops a mommy and baby type relationship with you and seeks motherly protection from you. That's why she follows you everywhere because she thinks you are her mommy.

9. Finding a Play Partner

Your kitty might be following you everywhere in the house because she needs a play buddy. You can develop a special bond with your cat if you play games with her every day. Be careful; if you are tired and not in a mood to play, your feline will get you out of your bed to play with her.

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If your cat is too clingy and follows you everywhere, read these steps to find what to do.

  • Introduce changes slowly and gradually in your pet's life.
  • Crate training helps limit your cat to her space.
  • Keep an eye on the eating habits of your cat. Sometimes, they keep following you because they are not full and they need more food.
  • Make a vet appointment in case of a health issue.
  • Don't reinforce the meowing and clingy behavior of cats. Instead, distract them by providing them with an alternative activity such as finding treats in the puzzle.
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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere but Won't Ask for a Petting?
Most cats follow their owners but don't like to be touched or petted. But don't worry, it means that she wants to be around you but not in the mood of being petted or touched. Nevertheless, cats are moody creatures. If they are cuddly and playful at one time, it doesn't mean they'll be the same in the next moment.
Why Has My Cat Become So Clingy?
If your cat has become so clingy all of a sudden, there might be several reasons for it. For example, separation anxiety, stress, illness, excessive hunger, lack of activity, a big change in the environment, etc. Whatever the reason is, if your cat is healthy and doing well, you should not be concerned because she'll settle down soon. However, if you suspect that she is facing some health issues, it is better to seek vet advice as soon as possible.
Why Does My Cat Follow Me in Bathroom?
If your cat doesn't want to leave you alone in the bathroom, it doesn't mean that she loves you more than anyone else. In reality, your feline is attracted to different types of smells in the bathroom. For example, the scent of shampoo, soap, body wash, etc. Also, young kitties love to play and explore in the water.
Why Does My Cat Follow Me to Bed?
The reason is, cats love warm and cozy beds to sleep in. Besides warmth, they feel protection while sleeping around you. Moreover, they want to ensure that you will not leave them alone and go anywhere else in their absence.

If you are irritated by your cat following you everywhere in the house, don't worry, it's normal. Cats are too curious. They want to know what you are doing actually. Besides chasing, if your feline friend is meowing as well, there is the possibility that she might be hungry, sick, or stressed. Mostly, cats calm down automatically. But if their clingy behavior increases day by day, consult a vet behaviorist to solve the issue.

Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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