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Cute Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer, Safe Material & Spring Design, with Transparent Protective Cover and Nail File to Trim Nails Well

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  • [Sharp nail clippers] The stainless steel blades are sharp and long-lasting to trim the nails cleanly and quickly.
  • [Save efforts] The spring design on the pet nail clippers can save a lot of effort. It is powerful enough to trim your dog or cat’s nails with just one cut, making the nail trimming easier for you and less stressful for your pet.
  • [Comes with a protective cover] iPetor pet nail clippers have a transparent protective cover, which can collect the cut nails to avoid splashing and hurting your cats and dogs. It is easy to clean off nails.
  • [Additional nail file] There is a nail file at the bottom of the nail clippers, allowing you to gently grind down the edges of pet nails.
  • [Ergonomically designed] The handle is made of strong ABS material. It features non-slip grips to provide more comfort and control when you cut dog’s/cat’s nails.

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Do not use for other purpose except for pets.
Keep beyond children's touch.
Suitable for small and medium sized cats and dogs

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A safe and ideal pet nail clipper for your pets.

no nail splash
sharp stainless steel knife
with a file
spring device
use convenient
two clippers compare
cute pet look
multi scene
bad without nail clipper

Designs and Features:

nail clippers features
ColorsPink, Blue, Green
Item Dimension4.7 x 3.5 inches
Suitable forDogs & Cats
Q:Does this work on dogs that have dark-colored nails?
A:Yes, but you need to have the light from the clipper shine underneath the nail so that you can see the bloodline clearly.
Q:Is it sharp enough to cut dog nails?
A:Yes, this kind of nail clipper is good for all size pets.
Q:How to sharpen the blades if they are blunt for long-time use?
A:You can buy a piece of sandpaper and use clippers to cut the sandpaper several times, so those clippers will become sharper.
Q:How often do I use it?
A:You can use it once about every 10 days. But the specific situation depends on your pet's nail growth rate. Hope this can help you.
Q:I have a small dog are these good for her?
A:It could be used for small dogs, but be careful and avoid over-cutting.
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Cute Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer, Safe Material & Spring Design, with Transparent Protective Cover and Nail File to Trim Nails Well
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