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Electric Scalp Head Massager with 4 Heads 76 Nodes, Handhold Portable Head Scratcher Massager

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  • [Deep Massage] This scalp brush has 4 massage heads, each with 19 3D massage nodes, which can perfectly touch the pet's skin, act on the muscle texture, and perform deep massage, but it will not pinch the hair during the operation.
  • [Relieve Fatigue] Massage can help relieve pet’s separation anxiety and calm excited pets. At the same time, it can help relieve the pet's muscles which are highly active during the day, relieve soreness, and make the pet's body stronger.
  • [Simple Operation] The operation of this head massager is very simple. There is only one button on it. Press the button to turn it on, and the working mode can be adjusted with the button: slow, fast, and reverse massage, which is convenient for the elderly to use.
  • [Wide Use] This massager can be used not only for your little pet, but also on yourself. It can massage various parts of the body, promote blood circulation, release stress, and effectively relax the body and mind.
  • [Dry & Wet Massage] This brush is made of waterproof material. You can also massage your pet while bathing when the hair is close to the skin. The massage effect is better at this time, and it can also divert your pet’s attention and let the make the bathing process more smooth.

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1. During charging, the power indicator blinks red; After being fully charged, the battery indicator is steady on.
2. For safety, please charge the battery while it is off. Do not use this device during charging.

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mutli-function massager

It is small, lightweight and portable, with a humanized handle for easy gripping.

portable massager

It is easy to operate, with one button controlling multiple massage modes, suitable for both the aged, adults and your pets.

easy to use massager

It has 4 massage heads, each with 19 3D massage nodes, covering a wide area. And it adopts a strengthened motor design, achieving deep massage. The head is detachable, and you can clean by rinsing it in water.

detachable massager

This massager is rechargeable through USB cable. It has a long battery life and high performance. Full power can support high-speed mode for one hour.

usb-charger massager
the size of massager
Colorswhite, blue, pink
Size4.2" x 5.5"
Q:Do I have to remove the massage nodes to put it on the charging stand?
A:No, you do not have to remove anything for it to charge. Just turn it off and charge it.
Q:What is the power of the built-in battery? Is it OK for airplane?
A:5 Watt, and it is safe to be brought on airplane.
Q:Is there a way to buy just the power cord?
A:Any micro USB cord will be fine to use as the power cord.
Q:Can I use on my cat?
A:Sure you can, the soft silicone will not hurt and no hair tangled. And start from the low-speed mode.
Q:Could I sanitize this with chemicals between use if multiple people are using it?
A:Alcohol is ok. Wipe with a damp cloth dipped in alcohol.
Q:What can I do if I have any question?
A:You can chat with us online( during our online time) or click contact us page to get more help.
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Electric Scalp Head Massager with 4 Heads 76 Nodes, Handhold Portable Head Scratcher Massager
$29.99 $79.99
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