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Cat Hair Brush, Detachable Dog Combs for Shedding, Dog and Cat Deshedding Tool Brush, Effectively Reduces Shedding, Undercoat Rake for Dogs and Cats

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  • [Effectively Deshedding Tools] With premium 4 inches de-shedding comb needles, it can remove undercoats and loose dog or cat hair in 10 minutes efficiently.
  • [Safe for Pets] The teeth of de-shedding combs are very tight and will not damage the pet's hair and skin. Without hurting them, in just a few minutes you will be surprised at how much hair has been removed.
  • [Durable Material] The de-shedding cat brush adopts steel teeth, which are durable and sturdy, can be used for a long time.
  • [Comfortable Massage] This undercoat for cats will provide your little pet deluxe grooming experience from head to paws, keeping their coat and fur healthy and shiny and stopping excessive shedding while helping them relax!
  • [Easy to Operate] You can directly groom your pet with this brush. And just press the release button to detach the stainless-steel comb quickly and easily.

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1. Please place it out of the reach of children.
2. It should be cleaned and disinfected after each use, and allow it to dry naturally.
3. Suitable for cats and dogs.
After the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days (Estimated fastest time to arrive). If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you!
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Are you tired of pet hair scattered on sofas, carpets, and furniture?

Do you hate the appearance of pet hair on your clothes every day?

iPetor de-shedding combs for dogs and cats can help you easily solve these problems!

Excessive hair will be a burden for pets, we recommend regular cleaning of pet hair. If you feel helpless about pet hair cleaning, our product will be your good helper, which can effectively reduce 95% of hair loss.

effective pet brush

Comfortable massage experience

  • The dog combs for shedding can give a massage to the whole body to relieve stress and improve blood circulation.
  • Brushing your pet regularly keeps them healthier.
  • Your pet will love it. Just comb through the hair, your pet will not feel any pain, it is very comfortable, they will enjoy it very much.
massage Function
Comfortable massage experience

The de-shedding tools for dogs are very convenient to operate with the anti-slip handle and can be hung to air dry after use.

anti slip handle

It is packed with a safetycover to protect the teeth.

safetycover to protect the teeth
SizeLength 4.7"(12cm) / Knife width 2.5"(6.5cm)
MaterialABS + stainless steel
Gross Weight0.25 lb(110g)
DepartmentDog, Cat
Package Included1 x Pet Grooming Brush
Q:Can I use the brush when my pet take shower?
A:Yes, if your pet need to remove a lot of hair, it’s a good choice to depilate them in the bath.
Q:How quickly does it remove hair?
A:The time it takes depends on the extent of your pet's hair loss. If there has been a lot of hair loss recently, it may take longer.
Q:Do I need to prepare something before I use?
A:Just need a garbage bag to place the fallen hair.
Q:Is this good for short hair dogs?
A:Yes, if your lover has short hair, you can choose 3 inch needles.
Q:What's your shipping policy?
A:Enjoy free shipping on $9.99.
Q:What can I do if I have any question?
A:You can chat with us online( during our online time) or click contact us page to get more help.
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Cat Hair Brush, Detachable Dog Combs for Shedding, Dog and Cat Deshedding Tool Brush, Effectively Reduces Shedding, Undercoat Rake for Dogs and Cats
$17.99 $25.99
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