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Self-Cleaning Pet Brush with One Click Clean Button for Hair Self-Cleaning, Removing Loose Tangled Hair and Knots, Slicker Brush for Dogs Cats

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  • [Cat Brush with Button: One Click Clean] Compared with the traditional pet comb, it can clean up completely and quickly. After grooming the pet's hair with the automatic cat brush, all the waste hair on the comb can be pushed out with just one press.
  • [Pet Friendly Brush] There is a small soft ball on each bristles of the self-cleaning pet brush, which can quickly and easily remove all loose hairs gently without harming the pet’s skin. With this brush, pets can really feel massaged, fall in love with and enjoy the feeling of being groomed.
  • [High-Quality Material] The automatic cat brush head is made of 304 stainless steel needles with moderate hardness and gentle combing. The handle is made of ABS and TPR environmentally friendly materials. It can avoid scratching the pet's hair and skin, and the pet will feel very comfortable during use.
  • [Effective Hair Self-Cleaning] The needle teeth are fine and can penetrate deep into the pet's coat for deep cleaning. 135° curved bristles fits the curvature of the pet's body, can comb out more fluffy hair, remove the tangled, long hairs of cats and dogs, easily remove floating hair, dander or some residues of dirt.
  • [Ergonomic Design] The brush handle adopts an ergonomic arc-shaped design, which makes the grip more comfortable. The non-slip pattern on the inside makes it more stable to hold and easy to operate.

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If your pet is less than 3 months old, please choose this brush carefully. He may be better suited to a soft silicone or rubber brush.

Shipping after the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days (estimated fastest time to arrive). If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you!
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Still worrying about pet grooming? Is the pet's hair still flying around at home? Cleaning up after combing the dog's hair is difficult, right?

We provide you with the new auto-clean pet brushes. With it, you can solve all your problems immediately with just one press. This automatic cat brush can be used for daily combing, smoothing your pet's hair, removing knotted hair painlessly, and massaging your pet's skin.

High-Quality Material & Effective Cleaning

The pet comb is made of 304 stainless steel needles, which is moderately soft and hard, and the needle teeth are fine, deep into the inner layer of the pet's hair. The combing angle of 135° is more reasonable.

high quality pet bursh

Cat Brush with Button: Just One Click

This unbelievable self-cleaning pet brush makes cleaning the hair no longer annoying. Just gently press the self-cleaning button above the handle, and the panel will push the waste hair on the needle teeth forward at the same time, which is convenient for cleaning. Release the button to retract the stitches and wipe off the hair for easy cleaning.

one click design pet bursh

Ergonomic Handle with Anti-Slip Pattern

The arc-shaped handle design is ergonomic, and the inner side of the handle has a non-slip patch for a firmer grip. There is a hanging hole on the handle end, which is convenient for hanging and storing, and does not take up space.

Ergonomic Handle pet bursh

Enjoy the Combing

You can use it to gently comb the remaining hair and entangled knots on the dog's body, give the dog a healthy, soft and shiny hair, promote the dog's blood circulation, and make the dog healthier.

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how to use pet bursh
pet brush size
MaterialABS + Stainless
Size4.7" X 6.7"
Product weight0.32 lbs
Q:I have a 6 month old baby dog, can I use this brush on her?
A:There is no problem using this on the baby dog, it maybe good to her, the bristles with find ends will do hair self-cleaning as well as let her have a good message.
Q:Would this work on a dog with part coat wiry and part smooth?
A:Our auto-clean pet brushes can remove loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. It worked great on dogs and cats with all size and all hair types.
Q:The brush has rubber tips on ends, will they come off?
A:It sticks very well works greatly, no rubber ends come off.
Q:Would this work on a rabbit?
A:Sure, this self cleaning pet brush works well on any medium and long haired pets.
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Self-Cleaning Pet Brush with One Click Clean Button for Hair Self-Cleaning, Removing Loose Tangled Hair and Knots, Slicker Brush for Dogs Cats
$18.99 $27.99
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