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Cat Litter Deodorizer, Intelligent USB Rechargeable 2600 mAh Smart Unscented Odor Eliminator for Cat Litter Box, Home Air Purifier

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  • [Super deodorant] It was adopted the new ozone deodorizing technology to eliminate the odor of cat litter. The litter box deodorizer releases deodorizing and dust-reducing substances that oxidize, adsorb and decompose odorous substances. Keeps your house fresh all day long!
  • [100% Cat friendly] Cats are sensitive to sounds and smells and our litter box air deodorizer does not produce any harmful fumes or odors. The Smart Pet Deodorizer works with virtually inaudible noise (<20db) for the comfort of cats. Moreover, the deodorizer is equipped with a sensitive bio-sensing system that automatically turns off when the cat is near the deodorizer, and it automatically turns on when the cat leaves. This prevents cats from being scared.
  • [USB Charged lithium battery] The cat litter deodorizer requires no expensive replacements or filters. Our cat litter box deodorizer is powered by low wattage(about 2.5 watt). With a USB charged lithium battery, It can work up to 2-3 days on a single charge.
  • [Durable Convenient & Safety] The cat litter deodorizer is made of high quality material and will not be damaged even if it is bumped or dropped. The cat litter deodorizer features a heavy-duty cap with double-sided tape on the back of its snap-on cover to hang on any surface you like, so you can easily snap the deodorant into the cap by turning it, but the cat can't scrape it off. There is a fuse inside the product, so you don't have to worry about charging for too long causing the internal parts to heat up or even melt.
  • [Multipurpose Use] It is designed for small spaces wherever smells are from places like cat litter boxes, pet pads, shoe cabinetes, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, other animals' living area etc. Place the cat litter box deodorizer in or close to the smelly area to maintain a fresh-scented home for you and the pets.

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Deodorization and sterilization

Easy to install

Pet Deodorizer easy to install

Switching mode by pressing the button

Pet Deodorizer easy to operate
the power status of Pet Deodorizer
USB rechargeable Pet Deodorizer
USB rechargeable Pet Deodorizer
multiple usage of Pet Deodorizer
Size3.4" x 1"
Output power5V-0.5A, 2.5W
What's includedCat litter deodorizer, USB cable(no power adapter) , double-sided tape*2, user manual.
Q:Is the product noisy when it is working?
A:The silent design below 20dB ensures that your cat is not disturbed.
Q:How long does it take to absorb cat poop smell?
A:You may feel that the odor has not disappeared on the first day of use. Wait 2-3 days slowly, and you will find that the effect is completely different. The smaller the space where the product is placed, the faster and better the deodorizing effect.
Q:Can this be placed on the tile wall?
A:Sure, you can place it on the tile wall. Due to the sticker, it can be placed wherever it is needed, but also can easily be removed if needed. This sticker uses an anti-scratch design, so there is no need to worry about the device falling off due to your cat's scratching.
Q:How does this deodorize?
A:The cat litter deodorizer eliminates the smell by using ozone and a negative ion generator. Ozone can oxidize and decompose those pesky odors. And negative ions can also reduce litter dust. In addition, the products are completely harmless to pets and human breathing. the ozone concentration of the products is far lower than the US Ozone Treatment Device Emission Standard. The products do not emit ozone all the time but work at intervals of 10 minutes to deodorize.
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Cat Litter Deodorizer, Intelligent USB Rechargeable 2600 mAh Smart Unscented Odor Eliminator for Cat Litter Box, Home Air Purifier
$34.99 $49.99
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