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Intelligent Cat Litter Deodorizer, Deodorization Cat Odor Eliminator with Intelligence & Timing Modes for Cat Litter Box & Dog Bed

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  • [Intelligent two modes] This deodorizer has both timed and smart sensor modes. The small cat odor eliminator comes with a highly sensitive bio-sensing system that turns off your litter deodorizer when your cat approaches the small litter box in order not to disturb you. After the cat leaves, it starts releasing oxygenated to eliminate the odor. You can also choose a timer mode to eliminate odors, which can be set to suit your needs.
  • [USB Charged lithium battery] The cat litter deodorizer requires no expensive replacements or filters. It does not need to be connected to the power supply all the time, and it has a large capacity battery of 2200 mAh inside. It can last for three days with one charge.
  • [Easy to install] It has a metal patch on the back, which can be firmly attached when placed on metal. In addition, we will also provide foam adhesive inside the package, even if you do not install it on the wall of metal, you can use foam adhesive to firmly adhere to it.
  • [Quiet and comfortable design] The cat litter deodorizer works at less than 20 decibels. It will not scare your cat while cleaning the air. It is so quiet that your pet barely notices. The pet deodorizer for home use is the ideal cat accessory.
  • [Multipurpose Use] The cat litter deodorizer uses the latest ion deodorization technology, safe and non-irritating odor, litter box deodorizer for cat litter box, pet house, shoe box, kitchen, bathroom, refrigerator, wardrobe and other occasions that need deodorization.

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Size2" x 3.9" x 1.64"
Q:Do I need to buy battery parts for cat odor eliminator or just clean it?
A:No, you just need to charge the Cat Odor Eliminator.
Q:How far should the litter deodorizer be from the cat litter box?
A:Litter deodorizer can be placed close to cat litter, and the closer to kitten litter box, the better. When using a hooded box, you can use the cat deodorizer Put it in the hood.
Q:How do I know the odor eliminator is working?
A:The blue light is usually what I see when I install a cat smell eliminator for the first time. When the cat enters the dustbin, the blue light starts to flash, and then when the cat leaves. The blue light is off, and after a minute or two, the blue light will become solid and start working.
Q:Is it different from an ordinary odor eliminator?
A:Cat litter deodorizer does not produce any smell at work, and other deodorants may smell, which will affect your cat's use of the toilet.
Q:How long does it take for a Cat Odor Eliminator to charge? what color light means full?
A:It takes 2-3 hours to charge the cat deodorizer, and it can be used for 7 days on a single charge. Red light charging, green light charging complete.
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Intelligent Cat Litter Deodorizer, Deodorization Cat Odor Eliminator with Intelligence & Timing Modes for Cat Litter Box & Dog Bed
$41.99 $59.99
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