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iPetor Cat Litter Deodorizer, Automatic Pet Odor Eliminator to Get Rid of Cat/Dog Urine Smell, Up to 99% Deodorization Rate, USB Charging and Auto Sensing

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  • 【Intelligent sensor】 This deodorizer adopts infrared sensor control. When a person or pet is detected, it will automatically stop working, and then after the object leaves, it will automatically release active oxygen for 6 minutes to neutralize and eliminate odors in the air.
  • 【Pet friendly】 Different from the traditional perfume deodorant, our pet odor eliminator is safer and won't cause damage to cat's liver. There is almost no noise at work (less than 5 db) so you fur friends will not be frightened.
  • 【99% deodorization rate】It adopts the latest Ozone deodorization technology. Our smart deodorizer does not cover up unpleasant smell, but eliminate odors directly from the source. Suitable for cat families or small-sized households.
  • 【Place it anywhere】In addition to eliminating the smell of cat excrement, you can also put it in the bathroom, shoe cabinets, study rooms or other places; the installation is simple, just fix the buckle and put the deodorizer in it.
  • 【Long time use】The cat litter deodorizer uses a USB cable to charge. It can work for up to 12-15 days when fully charged, without frequent charging or battery replacement.
  • 【LED lighting】The deodorizer is equipped with LED lights and has two modes: warm light and cool light. In the dark or low light environment, if you/your pet are sensed to pass by, it will last for about 20 seconds and the sensing distance will be about 3 meters. It can be used as temporary lighting.

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1. In the daytime or when the light is strong, the LED night light is automatically turned off.
2. A small amount of ozone is harmless to humans and pets.

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Safely Release Ozone

Decompose the odorous hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, skatole and other substances in cat feces, and combine them into non-toxic and harmless substances.

Work Automatically to Elinimate Odor

The pet deodorizer will start to work when it detects that a person/cat has left, and will continue to release ozone for 6 minutes, destroying viruses and bacteria in a short time. The sterilization rate is as high as 99%. Infrared sensing range 120 degrees, sensing distance 10-16 feet.

Work Automatically

No Aromatherapy Added, Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Most deodorizers neutralize the odor by adding aromatherapy, but it is a huge burden for the cat's sense of smell. Long-term use can also damage the liver of cats. This product does not add any aromatherapy, which is better for cat. It can be used for a long time without consumables.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly
Multi Places to Use It
More Features of Our Pet Odor Eliminator
steps to Use iPetor Cat Litter Deodorizer
Package includes1 Odor remover; 1 instruction manual; 1 USB cable; 1 aromatherapy piece, double-sided tape and hook
MaterialABS plastic
ChargingUSB-C cable
Input voltage5V
Dimension5.1 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches
Q:Can I use it in the bathroom?
A:Sure. This deodorizer can be placed in anywhere.
Q:Is this deodorizer charged by USB? How long can it be fully charged?
A:Yes, it is charge by USB, and it takes takes about 3 hours to fully charge.
Q:How long can it work after being fully charged?
A:Around 12-15 days.
Q:What is the use of the aromatherapy piece?
A:You can put the aromatherapy piece in the deodorizer according to your preference to better cover up the odor.
Q:Should I put it in the litter box or on the side of it?
A:Put it inside to deodorize better.
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iPetor Cat Litter Deodorizer, Automatic Pet Odor Eliminator to Get Rid of Cat/Dog Urine Smell, Up to 99% Deodorization Rate, USB Charging and Auto Sensing
$37.99 $54.99
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