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3-in-1 Funny Cat Toy Puzzle for Kitten Chasing Hidden Treat, Interactive Cat Roller Circuit for Indoor Kitten Mental& Physical Exercise

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  • [Detachable& Durable] This cat toy is made of environmentally friendly PP and TPE materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and will not harm the cat. It is sturdy and durable enough to withstand scratches by cats; and the bottom is stable and will not be easily overturned by cats.
  • [Avoid Boredom] There are a variety of ways for your cat to play with this puzzle toy, you can match it as you like. The cat can play alone when the owner is not at home, and can interact closely with the owner. It can keep cats curious, increase mental health, relieve stress, and is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes.
  • [Funny Treat Maze] One side of this cat toy uses a maze design and is equipped with obstacles that can be inserted free. You can set up obstacles and put snacks in them for the cat to get. This not only stimulates the cat's hunting instinct, but also makes the feeding process more interesting.
  • [Play with Ball] The other side of the toy is a circular track. You can put the matching ball in the track for the cat to chase and play, increasing the cat’s playing time. Or you can hang the fuzzy ball inside to attract the kitten.
  • [Bottom storage design] Storage space is reserved at the bottom of the toy. Obstacles and the ball can be placed in to avoid cat's small toys from being lost or messing up your home.
  • [Exercise Keep Cat Healthy] This cat toy can effectively help cats exercise. No matter which form of play, it can help cats get the amount of exercise they need every day and prevent obesity. It also contributes to the physical development of kittens, promotes blood circulation and muscle formation, and makes kitens stronger.

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1. Pay attention to cats when playing to avoid swallowing the ball by mistake. Don't let the cat play with the ball alone when the owner is away.
2. This toy is suitable for cats, not for large pets. The legs of large pets may get stuck in the holes of the toy.
3. Due to the lighting and angle used when shooting, there may be some differences between the actual product and the image.

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High quality cat toy turntable banner

Are cats getting tired of the quiet toys and squeaky toys that they already have? Cats eat too much but don't like to move?

Want to make cats lose weight? You're too busy that your cat often feels bored and anxious at home alone?

Now, a cat toy solves all the worries you may have.

High quality cat toy

Set up obstacles, put small toys or treat between the obstacles, and close the lid to let the cats use their wisdom to get their "favorite items". You can start from the entry-level of one obstacle, and gradually increase the number of obstacles and the direction of obstacles, which can exercise the cats' intelligence, and stimulate them to explore. At the same time, it can also increase the interaction between the owner and the cat, so that the cat is no longer boring.

Mode 1: Treat Maze

Turning the maze over, there is another way to play: Trackball. You can put the ball on the track, close the lid, and let the cat run in rings to chase the ball. This is another way for the cat to exercise.

Mode 2: Chasing Trackball

There is a small hole in the lid of the toy. You can hang any small items on it to stimulate your pet's hunting instinct and let them get more exercise.

Mode 3: Crazy Trackball

You can even create new playing types at will, let your cats enjoy themselves to the full!

4 game difficulty levels
let the cat play
the bottom of cat toy
ColorsBlue, Green, Purple
SizeL 8.5" x W 6.7" x H 5"
MaterialPP and TPE
Q:Does it come with the balls?
A:Yes, the package includes a plastic ball and a hanging fuzzy ball.
Q:Do you need to assemble it yourself?
A:Actually, it is a detachable toy, which is very easy to operate.
Q:Do the ball on the track pop out easily?
A:Not pop as long as you cover the lid.
Q:Does the toy make noise?
A:No, you will only hear your cat's meow which indicates he's having fun.
Q:What size of cats does the toy fit for?
A:Almost all cats will do except extremely fat pet whose leg may get stuck in the hole.
Q:What can I do if I have any question?
A:You can chat with us online( during our online time) or click contact us page to get more help.
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3-in-1 Funny Cat Toy Puzzle for Kitten Chasing Hidden Treat, Interactive Cat Roller Circuit for Indoor Kitten Mental& Physical Exercise
$43.99 $62.99
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