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Automatic Laser Cat Toy with Tumbler Design, Laser Pointer, and Squeaky Sound, Relieve Indoor Cats Boredom

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  • [Make Cat Happy] The cat interactive toy creates multiple play methods, designed to increase the kitten’s playing time, ease the boredom of the kitten when it is alone at home, allowing kittens to feel the owner’s company.
  • [Funny Tumbler Toy] This cat toy adopts a self-weight balance system and does not require an electric drive. When the toy is touched by the cat, the bottom wheel will move back and forth without falling.
  • [Safe Laser Light] There is a built-in sensor that will let the laser transmitter automatically emit infrared light to attract the cat’s attention and interact with the cat when sensing any touch.
  • [Cat-Calling Squeaker] There is a speaker inside the toy, which will make a chick-like sound when turned on, attracting the attention of nearby kittens.
  • [Cute Appearance] This toy is shaped like a chicken as a whole, which is super cute. The color matching of yellow and white makes it look more colorful.
  • [100% Safe for Pets] The cat toy is made of ABS, which is non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Infrared light is also harmless to pets, will not irritate pets’ eyes. The whole toy is safe and durable.

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1. Due to the lighting and angle used when shooting, there may be some differences between the actual product and the image.
2. When your cat doesn't play for a long time, remember to turn off the toy switch to extend its service life.

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Are cats not interested in everything? Kittens are tired of teasers or laser pens? The squeaking sound can't attract the kitten's attention? It's time to combine these functions.

iPetor has prepared this multi-use interactive cat toy for you, which integrates squeaky sound, tumbler, laser pointer, designed to extend the playing time of kittens, relieve boredom and improve happiness.

automatic interactive infrard cat toys

This automatic cat toy adopts built-in sensor which can swing back and forth when sensing any touch. And it adopts self-weight balance system so that the toy will not fall down.

Meanwhile, the pointer on the top will emit infrared light to attract the cat's attention;

And you can also hear the sound of "peep peep" like a chicken.

The toy automatically stops all interaction when it can't detect the cat's touch.

tumbler toy for cats
details of interactive cat toys
multi-function interactive cat toys

There are two direction on the switch. Push the switch left to turn on the cat calling mode; Push right to turn on the laser mode. This cat toy is USB chargeable. And it can work up to 6 hours after full charge for 2 hours.

interactive cat toys easy to use
ColorsBlue, Green, Yellow, Orange
Weight0.6 lb
Q:Does it automatically turn on and off?
A:You need to turn on the switch first.
Q:How do I change the mode?
A:Push the switch to another direction.
Q:Is this rechargeable? How often do I need to charge it?
A:This cat toy is USB chargeable. And it can work up to 6 hours after full charge for 2 hours.
Q:Can the laser light hurt my cat's eyes?
A:No, cats won't look right at the infrared light.
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Automatic Laser Cat Toy with Tumbler Design, Laser Pointer, and Squeaky Sound, Relieve Indoor Cats Boredom
$26.99 $37.99
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