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Multi-Functional Interactive Cat Toy, Spring Stick & Treat Dispenser & Track Ball, for Indoor Cats and Kittens, Relieve Stress & Boredom, Keep Pet Healthy

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  • [Multiple functions] This is a fun cat toy which integrates the spring teasing stick, treat spilling, and track ball. It can increase the cat's interest in playing, help improve pet’s intelligence, relieve stress and maintain health.
  • [Durable] This cat toy is made of high-quality ABS material, environmentally friendly, which is strong and durable, will not be easily damaged by the cat, and will not leave cat scratches.
  • [Anti-Slip] The toy uses an enlarged base design, which is stable and anti-slip. At the same time, there are four rubber pads at the bottom of the toy, which can effectively prevent the cat from knocking over the toy during play.
  • [Easy Operation] There are three ways to play this toy, but basically no additional operation is required. When playing, just put the snacks in the transparent box.
  • [Make Cat Happier] This toy can reduce the cat’s anxiety caused by the owner’s absence, and avoid the cat’s various destructive behaviors due to boredom, making them happier.

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1. Pay attention to cats when playing to avoid swallowing the ball by mistake. Don't let the cat play with the ball alone when the owner is away.
2. This toy is suitable for cats, not for large pets. The legs of large pets may get stuck in the holes of the toy.
3. Due to the lighting and angle used when shooting, there may be some differences between the actual product and the image.

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This is a multi-functional cat toy that integrates track balls, food dispensing turntable, and cat teasing sticks. It can help pets exercise and improve their intelligence, better attract the cat's interest in playing.

multifunctional cat toy

Spring Teasing Stick:The top of the toy is designed with a ball with a spring teasing stick, and the other two sticks are also designed on both sides of the middle-layer turntable. The cat can rotate the turntable by turning the funny cat stick. This funny design can let the cat play longer.

Fun Treat Turntable: The middle layer of the toy is a cat turntable, with a function of food dispensing. The transparent box on the top of the toy can be opened-turn counterclockwise to open the cover, and cat food or snacks can be placed inside-and then turn the cover closed in the opposite direction. The turntable with slide can be rotated under the action of the cat. When the turntable rotates, the snacks can slide down, which, as a reward for playing, can help the cat to train better.

Track Ball: The bottom layer of the toy is a transparent track on which there are multiple balls. The cat can use the claws to move the ball in the track. The ball will rotate in a circular track, but will not jump out of the track. When cats are bored or when they are alone at home, this playing mode can relieve the anxiety of being unaccompanied and avoid the destruction of furniture.

multifunctional cat toy
non-slip cat toy
the size of multifunctional cat toy
ColorsBlue, Pink ,Green,Yellow
Size13.78" x 10.35"
Q:I have one adult cat and one kitten. Can they play together with this toy?
A:Sure. This cat toy is enough for 2-3 cats to play.
Q:Would my cat be interested in this toy?
A:There are several ways to play with this toy, you can let them try it out and find out their favorites.
Q:Can the cat get hit with the sticks on the toy?
A:Of course not. It is safe for your pets to play with it. The tumbler doesn't have much spring and the ball is made of lightweight material that won't do any harm to the cat.
Q:Does it come with track balls?
A:Yes, there are balls in the track.
Q:What can I do if I have any question?
A:You can chat with us online( during our online time) or click contact us page to get more help.
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Multi-Functional Interactive Cat Toy, Spring Stick & Treat Dispenser & Track Ball, for Indoor Cats and Kittens, Relieve Stress & Boredom, Keep Pet Healthy
$54.99 $78.99
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