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Multifunctional Cat Toy with Laser, Treat Dispenser and Spin Features, Best Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats & Kittens, Color Varies

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  • Cat laser toy: The upper part of the toy will emit a red laser to capture your cat's attention. When the cat touches the toy, it will swing irregularly, and the laser will also change its trajectory on the floor, attracting the cat to chase and hunt.
  • Spin & treat: There are two food leakage holes at the bottom of the toy. You can add treats to it so that cats can eat while playing. It can control the cat's eating speed and more importantly add more fun to the game. Your cat will be completely obsessed with this spin toy.
  • Multi functions: In addition to the laser and treat distribution functions, this interactive cat toy also has two balls on the turntable and a small rotating propeller. They are simple and fun. All these can keep indoor cats busy, relieve boredom in the process of chasing and playing, and make cats healthy and smart.
  • Durable high-quality materials: Safety always comes first. This interactive cat toy is made of environmentally friendly ABS and PP plastic, is 100% safe for all pets. The material is sturdy and durable, and will not be easily damaged by cats.
  • Long hours of fun: The cat spin toy can be played regardless of whether it is charged or not. A variety of ways to play it so that the cat will never get bored.

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1. Excessive play is not recommended.

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  • How to Add Treats on the Toy?
  • 1. Open the upper part of this toy and add snacks
  • 2. Turn the plastic plate to adjust the food leakage
  • 3. There you go
cat treat dispenser toy
cat treat dispenser toy
MaterialPP plastic
ColorRed & Blue, Lake Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink
Dimension4" long; 4" wide, 6" tall
Weight1 lb
ChargingUSB charging
Q:How long does it take to fully charge?
A:It takes about 3 hours to fully charge.The cat can play with this toy for ten days before the next charge.
Q:How to control the treat dispenser?
A:Open the upper part of the toy and turn the plastic sheet to control the food distribution.
Q:I have two cats. Will they fight for this toy?
A:So far not.
Q:How long does the toy go before it powers off?
A:If a cat plays without interruption, it can last for 8-10 days.
Q:What is the material of this toy?
A:The toy is made of PP plastic, which is very safe and durable.
Q:Is the cat laser bad for cats?
A:When used properly, playing with laser pointers is a fun activity and won't hurt cats.
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Multifunctional Cat Toy with Laser, Treat Dispenser and Spin Features, Best Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats & Kittens, Color Varies
$39.99 $57.99
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