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Catnip Cat Ball Spin Toys with Bird Calls for Indoor Cat, Multifunctional Interactive Cat Tumbler Toys, Help to Improve Cat Intelligence and Relieve Anxiety

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  • 【Multifunational Design】This is an interactive electric cat toy, which integrates the functions of birds singing, self-weight balance movement (no electric), as well as swing back and forth, and catnip ball.
  • 【Rotating Design】It use rotating design, moves by its weight and does not require an electric drive. No matter how the cat hits it, it still stands well.
  • 【Cat-Attractive Design】The toy has a built-in bird song generator, equipped with a button battery. When the cat gently touches the toy to produce a vibration, it will trigger the buzzer device. The device can be disassembled easily, and the toy can still work without the birdsong generator.
  • 【Catnip Ball】There is a high-content catnip ball in the transparent lid on the top of the toy. When the toy shake, the catnip ball will jump irregularly.
  • 【Easy to Disassemble】Our cat toy accessories have corresponding card slots and positions. Turn counterclockwise to open the lid, and there are instructions on the label. The assembly is very convenient.

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1. It is recommended that cats play with this toy for 20-30 minutes at a time.
2. It runs better on smooth floors.
3. You can choose not to use the buzzer.

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This multi-functional electric cat toy integrates bird chirping, self-weight balance movement (no need for electricity), high-content catnip ball and other functions, attracting cats' attention and interest to play.

Funny Spin Cat Ball
The main body of the toy uses a roly-poly design (self-weight balance system), no electric drive require, and the ball can swing irregularly back and forth when the product being gently touched. Also, the toy will not tip over, allowing the cat have a strong interest in the toy.
Visible Cover
High-Content Catnip Ball
The transparent part at the top of the toy has a built-in high-content catnip ball. When the toy is shaking, the catnip ball will beat irregularly, attract the cat's interest in playing.
High Content Catnip Ball
Cat Spring Pole
Sliding Wheels
Squeaky Bird's Buzz
This toy has a built-in squeaky device. When the cat gently touches the toy to produce shaking, the chirping device is triggered. It can emit a sound to attract the cat's attention. The buzzer has a built-in button battery and can replace directly when the power is exhausted.
squeaky function
Relieve Worries and Boredom
The installation and removal of the chirping device are easy to operate.
Turn the upper cover counterclockwise to openit, turn the inverted triangle symbol of the upper cover to the circular symbol of the main body, separate the upper cover from the main body, and take out the sounder.
Pull out the insurance card on the replacement sounder, put the sounder front up, and then put the catnip ball above the sounder.
Align the upper cover with the inverted triangle symbol on the main body and turn it clockwise after the triangle symbol is aligned.
creative design
multi functional
Dimension2.5 x 2.24 x 7.19 inches
Product Weight0.4 lb
Q:Is there any noise at work? How about on the carpet?
A:You can hear it running over hardwood floors, but it is not loud or annoying, it runs without problems on carpets, but it runs better on smooth floors.
Q:Do cat toy sounds attract cats?
A:Yes, the toy integrates the bird's voice design, and the sound will arouse the cat's interest.
Q:Is this cat ball toy USB charging or need extra batteries?
A:The product is self-weight balance movement (no need for charging), but there is a built-in bird sound generator, which is equipped with a button battery.
Q:Can the ball replace with feathers?
A:Yes, the toy is sold with a cat ball, but you can DIY other feathers, which can be easily replaced.
Q:Is it okay if I don't want the chirping of birds?
A:Of course, the birdcall device is easy to install and disassemble, and you can choose not to use the buzzer.
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Catnip Cat Ball Spin Toys with Bird Calls for Indoor Cat, Multifunctional Interactive Cat Tumbler Toys, Help to Improve Cat Intelligence and Relieve Anxiety
$22.99 $32.99
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