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iPetor is an international company that is specialized in the care of pets as well as the design and manufacturing of pet products. We provide reliable and accurate pet health information on improving the lives of pets.

Best Pet Friend
Pet keeping is intrinsic to human nature and slowly they become part of the family. iPetor strive in making the best deals on the internet in an effort to bring your best-friend home, and maintain the needed comfort. We coordinate the correct pet with the suitable client as we address both their requirements.  

Quality and Savings
Our company also provides a variety of pet products and you are certain to find the perfect item for your pets. These include pet supplements, ear cleaners, shampoos, pet toys, pet clothing, harnesses and leads to pet beds, dog and cat collars, home supplies among other products. More so, our specialized staff is well apt in pet training to help you get not only the best but the most suitable pets and their products. 
Payment Secure
iPetor is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only collect your personal information for defined purposes.
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