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Anti-Slip Dog Socks with Cute Cartoon Print Pattern, Paw Pads Socks for Indoor Small & Medium Pets

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S (W: 1", L: 2.4")
M (W: 1.2", L: 3")
L (W:1.4", L: 3.5")
XL (W: 1.6", L: 4.1")
Little yellow duck
Big mouth duck
Green men
Blue beard
Pink rabbit
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  • 【Anti-Slip Dog Socks】This dog socks has non-slip pads on the soles, providing extra grip and friction, allowing your pet to move safely on smooth tiles or wooden floors.
  • 【Protect Furniture】Wearing dog socks can effectively prevent your pet from destroying the sofa, carpet or other clothing at home, avoid leaving pet scratches.
  • 【Comfortable & Breathable】The pet socks are made of high-quality fabric materials, soft and comfortable when stepping on the ground. It is very breathable, and it won’t be stuffy for dogs to wear for a day. Besides, it’s easy to clean, hand-wash or machine-wash is suitable.
  • 【Cute Pattern】There are 8 styles of socks to choose from, all with very vivid animal prints. Bright colors will make your pet look cuter.
  • 【Choose the Size】There are three sizes of this pet socks to choose from: S, M, L. But before choosing the most suitable socks for your pet, you need to carefully measure the size of your pet's paw to make your dog wear more comfortable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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1. Before purchase, it's recommended to measure yourpet's paw size(instead of previous buying experience)for best fit.
2. The width of the paw should be smaller than the sock width you want to choose. If you are not sure which size to choose, please contact us.
3. For the size chart, 0.8-1.2 inch error may occur due to manual measurement.

After the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days (Estimated fastest time to arrive). If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you!
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Warm Tips: Our warehouse has delivery process monitoring to ensure that each product is not leaking from picking up to packaging to delivery. Please rest assured to buy!

cute pet cotton socks banner

If you are plagued by scratches left by your pet everywhere in your home; if your floor is too smooth and dogs often slip and fall, then it is time to prepare a pair of cute pet socks for your pet.

And the role of pet socks is more than that. In addition to protecting your sofa, carpet and other furniture from pets, it can also play a role in keeping warm in winter, protect the dog's paws from soiling or injury.

cute pet cotton keep warm

The openings and claws of the socks are loose, easy to put on and take off, providing space for the claws to move. The middle part is tightened and elastic to prevent falling.

cute pet cotton easy to wear

The cute cotton dog socks are made of soft cotton and printed with colorful cute patterns. It provides super comfort so your pet can wear it all day long.

soft material cute pet cotton

There are 8 styles to choose from: Frug; Bear; Panda; Little yellow duck; Big mouth duck; Green men; Blue beard and Pink rabbit.

soft material cute pet cotton

How to measure foot length?

1. Prepare a pen and paper;

2. When the dog is standing up, rub the forefoot onto the white paper and pick up the pen perpendicular to the paper;

3. Draw a point on the top of the foot and a point on the heel and measure the distance between the two points, which is the foot length;

4. Measure foot width in the same way. (Most dogs have larger front feet than back feet, so measure the front feet.)

how to measure dog foot

How to choose a proper size? Choose a size based on the width of your dog's feet. Besides, because socks are stretchy, you need to choose a size that is slightly smaller than the width of the pet's feet.

SizeS (W: 1", L: 2.4"), M (W: 1.2", L: 3"), L (W:1.4", L: 3.5"), XL (W: 1.6", L: 4.1")
StyleFrog; Bear; Panda; Little yellow duck; Big mouth duck; Green men; Blue beard and Pink rabbit.
Q:What material are these?
A:The material is made of cotton.
Q:What size would a golden retriever wear? Medium or large?
A:I would recommend the large size. But it also depends on the size of your dog's feet.
Q:Are these machine washable?
A:Yes, they’re machine washable and will not shrink after being washed.
Q:My dog is constantly chewing on his paws would these come off? Would these prevent hardwood scratching?
A:They will protect your floor. Socks don't fall off if the dog doesn't bite them. But if your dog has this habit, I can't guarantee it. If they figure out how to remove them, then that may occur.
Q:Is the non slip on both sides in case the sock spins?
A:There are non-slip pads on the botto and they help on a slick floor.
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Anti-Slip Dog Socks with Cute Cartoon Print Pattern, Paw Pads Socks for Indoor Small & Medium Pets
$26.99 $38.99
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