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Breathable Dog Shoes Anti-Sunburn in Summer with Anti-Collision and Skip-proof Sole, Light and Waterproof Dog Boots with Reflective Strips, Comfortable Outdoor Dog Booties

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1#(Width: 1.6'')
2#(Width: 1.8'')
3#(Width: 2.0'')
4#(Width: 2.2'')
5#(Width: 2.3'')
6#(Width: 2.6'')
7#(Width: 3.0'')
8#(Width: 3.2'')
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  • 【Waterproof and Breathable】Shoes are made of 3-in-1 waterproof fabric, nano materials, with less dense than water, more dense than water vapor, waterproof and breathable, not stuffy and not smelly. Weighing from 108g to 219g, the shoes are lightweight and don't put heavy pressure on your dog's feet.
  • 【Rugged】The toe of the shoe is made of space leather material, which is anti-collision and abrasion. The sole is made of high-quality rubber, with high elasticity and wear resistance, and can withstand multiple bending, stretching and compression without deformation. Its also anti-slip. Special textured design increases adhesion and friction with the ground.
  • 【Warm and Windproof】The inside is made of shaker wool, soft, comfortable and warm, easy to wash by hand. The outer vamp is made of human-mountaineering wear fabric, which is windproof.
  • 【With Reflective Strips】There are nylon luminescent strips at the ankles, which glows for a long time to make it safer for dogs to walk at night, making it easier for owners to identify their dogs at dark environment and not to lose them.
  • 【Wide Range of Application】It comes in black and red, suitable for large, medium and small dogs. Dogs can walk in the snow, glaciers, jungles with this on feet, suitable for all outdoor activities like camping and short walk. It is a full range of practical pet shoes.

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1. You must step on the ground to measure, the result of lifting your foot is not accurate.
2. Be sure to choose a suitable size, remember to choose a shoe size slightly larger than the actual size of the dog paws.

After the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days (Estimated fastest time to arrive). If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you!
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Warm Tips: Our warehouse has delivery process monitoring to ensure that each product is not leaking from picking up to packaging to delivery. Please rest assured to buy!

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Have you never considered buying proper shoes for your dog? Or are you still having trouble cleaning your dog's paws after a walk? Get your dog a pair of perfect shoes. Give him more care.

Dogs also need proper shoes. What are the benefits of shoes for dogs?

breathable dog shoes details 4

So, to give your dog more care and love, be sure to get him a pair of shoes.

Then how to choose shoes for your dog?

Start by measuring the size of the dog's paws: Put your dog's foot on a piece of paper, draw around the foot, measure the width (make sure measure on the ground otherwise the results may be inaccurate) and choose a size slightly larger than the actual foot.


This shoe contains every features you can imagine: It is anti-sunburn, wear-resistant, anti-collision, waterproof, light and breathable, windproof and sand-proof, warm and comfortable, and can glow at night with reflective strips to keep your dog safe. Still not excited about it?

breathable dog shoes details 5

Extra Extended Design

The wide split opening at the top of the shoe makes it easier for dogs to put on and take off the shoes.

Adjustable Velcro Straps

The straps make dog shoes suitable for dogs of different sizes, preventing dog shoes from falling off the dog's paws.

breathable dog shoes details 3

Soft Shoes Inside

Fill with soft lining to protect the soles and ankles of your dog's feet and make them comfortable.

breathable dog shoes details 2
Dimensions1.6'', 1.8'', 2.0'', 2.2'', 2.3'', 2.6'', 3.0'', 3.2''
Suitable ForDogs
Weights0.22 lb, 0.25 lb, 0.27 lb, 0.28 lb, 0.32 lb, 0.39 lb, 0.44 lb, 0.48 lb
Q:Is the shoes size accurate?
A:Yes, our shoe size is accurate. As long as you follow our method to measure the size of your dog's feet, and then choose a slightly larger shoe size, the dog will wear just fit.
Q:Do the shoes come off easily if my dog runs really fast?
A:Boots seldom slip off when tightly fastened. There are adjustable strips on the buckle, you can fasten them tightly while dog running. If you tighten the boots well, they could hold up to quite a bit of running.
Q:Is it good for running with your dog in an urban setting? (i.e. on top of concrete/ blacktop)?
A:Yes. The boots are good on all surfaces and would provide good protection from hot asphalt and road debris. They can work well on concrete/blacktop walkways.
Q:What materials are these made out of?
A:The bottom is rubber. The upper part is canvas. The toe is leather. Besides, there are nylon reflective strips on the buckle.
Q:What kind of lining is on the inside?
A:There is a light fleece lining. It's soft and seamless without irritation on their paws.
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Breathable Dog Shoes Anti-Sunburn in Summer with Anti-Collision and Skip-proof Sole, Light and Waterproof Dog Boots with Reflective Strips, Comfortable Outdoor Dog Booties
$31.99 $45.99
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