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Multi-Use Portable Pet Water Bottle with Drinking Bowl, Leakproof Dog Bottle Feeder with Food Container & Waste Bag, 10oz -17oz for Outdoor Walking, Hiking, Travelling

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Water + Food
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  • [Multifunctional] The upgraded multi-function portable dog water bottle contains a drinking bowl, grain cup, stool shovel, and garbage bag. It is the best choice for walking, traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  • [Leakproof and water backflow design] The dog food/water bottle has a silicone sealing ring and a safety leak-proof lock to prevent water leakage and avoid moisture or wastewater. Press the button and the water in the bottle will flow into the sink to feed the dog; press it again to push the unused water back into the bottle.
  • [Detachable] The O-shaped wide groove fits the dog's oral structure, and water is not easy to pour out. Each part can be disassembled and used independently, which is very convenient to clean and can be directly wiped off with water. In addition, you can clean your pet's excrement with the shovel attached to the bottle and put it in the garbage bag.
  • [Portable] Our outdoor portable pet water bottle can be easily put into the backpack or hung on the hand with a sling, and carried with you, suitable for outdoor walking, hiking, traveling, and daily use.
  • [Safe and durable] The portable dog water bottle is made of healthy environmentally friendly food-grade ABS material, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion and is more durable than other dog drinking bottles.

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After feeding, please press the lock down button to prevent water from flowing out, and then put it in the backpack.

After the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days (Estimated fastest time to arrive). If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you!
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Warm Tips: Our warehouse has delivery process monitoring to ensure that each product is not leaking from picking up to packaging to delivery. Please rest assured to buy!

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Large Portable Dog Water Bottle for Outdoor Use

This dog water bottle is easy to carry. It integrates super-multi-functions such as drinking water, feeding, and cleaning stool. It is ergonomic and can be operated with one hand, very convenient for the pet owner to feed the dog. The leak-proof design makes sure it will not pour out when placed upside down. Overall, it's suitable for dogs of all sizes to use outdoors, making your travel more worry-free.

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✓ One-Hand Operation, Easy to Use

The pet water dispenser can hold 300 ml (10 oz) or 500 ml (17 oz) of water, which is enough for outdoor walking, traveling, playing, etc. When using, press the lock button and let the water flow into the O-shape sink to feed the water. Drag the button down to put the bottle upright and make the water flow back into the cup.

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✓ Fully Meet the Various Needs, Feed Your Pooches Anytime.

  • O-shaped sink design, wide-mouth drinking water, conforms to the dog's oral structure, so will not overflow when using.
  • Leak proof absolutely. The silicone sealing ring and the locking design inside the bottle can effectively prevent water leakage.
  • The dog food and water bottle can be hung on your hand with a durable lanyard, and it is convenient to carry when walking, hiking, traveling, and playing with your cute pets.
  • A variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from.
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✓ Food Grade ABS Plastic, Safe and Durable.

This dog travel water bottle uses healthy and environmentally friendly food-grade ABS material with a smooth surface. It is also resistant to high temperatures and can be used for a long time. Each component can be disassembled and used independently. And each part can be washed directly with water.

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✓ Dog Food Box Design

A portable dog food box is designed under the drinking cup, which can hold some dog food. Dog food can be obtained by directly rotating and unscrewing.

Note: You need to choose the one with dog food cup.

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✓ Environmentally Friendly

Our outdoor portable pet water bottle is equipped with a poop shovel, which can be stuck on the cup when not in use. If you need it while walking the dog, just take it out of the cup. A trash bag can be placed at the end of the cup, and it can be taken out by gently pulling it down. Use a shovel to put the dog's poop into a garbage bag, which is clean and hygienic and will not pollute the environment.

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✓ How to use the 4-in-1 portable dog water bottle?


Push the button up to unlock the bottle.


Press the button and let the water flow out for drinking.

Press the button and let the water flow back into the bottle without waste.


Push down the button and lock the bottle.

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ColorYellow, Green, Blue, pink
Capacity300ml, 500ml
FunctionWater, Food
MaterialFood Grade ABS Plastic
Q:What is the capacity of this dog water dispenser?
A:We have four kinds of dog water bottles, their capacity are 300ml/500ml.
Q:Does the extra water return to the bottle?
A:Press the button for a long time and make the cup erect, it can make the water flow back into the cup, don't forget to push the button back to lock it.
Q:Can the water bottle for the dog be put in my bag fill with water without worrying about my bag getting soaked?
A:No, A built-in silicone seal makes sure it's double waterproof and leak-proof. Rotate 180° without water leakage
Q:Does it easy to clean?
A:Yes, each part can be directly rinsed with water and is easy to wipe off.
Q:How long will the goods be delivered after purchase?
A:After the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days.
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Multi-Use Portable Pet Water Bottle with Drinking Bowl, Leakproof Dog Bottle Feeder with Food Container & Waste Bag, 10oz -17oz for Outdoor Walking, Hiking, Travelling
$24.99 $35.99
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