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Dematting Tool for Dogs, Stainless Steel Dog Slicker Brushes, 2-Side Shedding Brush for Long & Curly Hair Dogs & Cats

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  • [Eliminate tangled hairs] This double-sided pet shedding brush does a great job of grooming your pet's shed fur and tangled hair. Use the 17-tooth side to comb and remove loose fur, dander and dirt. The other side of the brush easily removes tangled hair. This will leave your pet feeling more comfortable and cleaner!
  • [Reduce hair shedding] Using a brush to regularly brush your pet's hair will reduce the shedding of hair. The process of brushing your pet's hair will improve blood circulation, giving them healthier skin and a shiny coat. Also, it will make the floor of your house cleaner.
  • [Skin Friendly to Your Pets] Made with rust-resistant stainless steel, and it is designed with Sharpened but fine rounded teeth, allows you easily and safely remove mats, tangles, knots, loose hair without irritation or scratching.
  • [Comfortable to Use] Lightweight and Non-Slip rubber handle for comfortable holding and stability. You will absolutely enjoy your grooming time with this pet brush.
  • [Great Gift for All Pets Lover] Since Our deshedding brush is a multi-purpose grooming tool,a must-have pet hair Remover,it would be a great gift choice for all pets lover,they will love it for sure

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Stainless steel teeth: 9+17 rust-proof blades that effectively penetrate deep into the hair. Super easy to groom your pet's unwanted hair. Thanks to the rounded end design, this brush will be 100% safe for your pet's skin.

Ergonomic non-slip handle: environmentally sustainable, non-slip, comfortable fit, which gives you great hand control. It ensures a comfortable and easy grooming time with your pets.

outstanding grooming results
Non-slip rubber handle of pet brush
dual head design of the grooming tool for dogs
super gentle dog slicker brushes
Size7" x 3.3"
Weight0.25 lb
MaterialTPR/stainless steel/plastic
Q:Does this cut the coat? It says it's "sharpened" in the description.
A:The sharpened blades enable the dematting brush cut the mats and tangles easily. And it's also safe for your pets skin with the rounded end.
Q:Do you have to bathe your dog before using? And how often should you use?
A:I would think you don’t have to bathe your pet as it is just a comb that pulls up the under coat. We recommend combing twice a week for 3-5 minutes each time.
Q:Is the head supposed to turn over somehow so the side with 17small blades is on top? If so, how do you turn it?
A:You just flip it over to the other side. It’s like a two sided brush.
Q:Is it easy to get the hair out of brush?
A:We use this on my pomsky and I find that it's pretty easy to get the hair off. It doesn't tangle to the brush and pulls off easy.
Q:Can this be used instead of a slick brush?
A:This grooming brush removes lots of loose hair just like a slicker brush and it it very easy to get rid of hair from the brush,and it cuts through the mats and tangles smoothly.This is definitely a 2 in 1 grooming brush.Perfect for daily grooming.
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Dematting Tool for Dogs, Stainless Steel Dog Slicker Brushes, 2-Side Shedding Brush for Long & Curly Hair Dogs & Cats
$22.99 $32.99
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