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Handy Dog Stripping Knife for Medium & Long-Haired Dogs/Cats, Best Dog Shedding Brush to Remove Matted/Loose Dog Hair

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  • [Promote healthier coat] A regular grooming routine will make your furry babies look better and significantly reduce shedding, especially for long-haired dogs like terriers.
  • [Remove loose hair at ease] The stainless steel edge can easily reach through the pet's topcoat and remove loose or matted hair. If used as directed, you never have to worry about it hurting the dog's skin.
  • [Easy grip] The ergonomic handle provides you with comfort during the grooming process, and the curved edge fits your pet's body to ensure he/she feels comfortable.
  • [Left & right handed] This deshedding brush is available in two styles, left-handed and right-handed. You can choose according to your dominant hand for smoother use.
  • [Keep your home clean] Regular use of deshedding tools for dogs & cats can keep your clothes, furniture and floors cleaner.

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1. The stripping knife is used for medium/long-haired dogs/cats.
2. Beginners can take a little practice first following the guidelines.

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easily remove mats and loose hair
Best Dog Brush for Medium and Long hair shedding
Ergonomic Design to Grant More Comfort
the steps of Using the Dog Stripping Brush Properly
MaterialSolid wood and metal
Dimension6.7 inches tall, 0.8 inch wide.
Weight34.6 g /1.2 oz
TypeLeft-hand brush, Right-hand brush
Suitable forMedium/long-haired dogs and cats, like terriers, ragdoll, etc.
Q:Does this brush hurt?
A:Not really. Dogs need to be rushed to keep their coat nice and clean. If you are gentle with the brush, it won't hurt your pet.
Q:Will this work on bulldogs?
A:The stripping brush is more suitable for medium and long-haired dogs.
Q:Does this brush have a release button for the hair?
A:No, but it is easy to clean the brush. Just pull the hair off.
Q:Will this remove the fluffy hair from my dog's feet?
A:It is not recommended if there is not much hair on the dog's legs. This shedding tool is used for thick coats.
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Handy Dog Stripping Knife for Medium & Long-Haired Dogs/Cats, Best Dog Shedding Brush to Remove Matted/Loose Dog Hair
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