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Multifunctional Dog Bath Brush, with Soft TPR Dog Grooming Shampoo Dispenser, Provide Comfortable Massage for Short Long Haired Pets

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  • [Easy to Hold] Made of non-slip material, the dog massage bath brush fits the hand perfectly so that you will not feel tired after long-term use. The outer shell is designed with perforated recessed buttons, making it stable within your grip, which is convenient for exerting force and easy to use.
  • [Unique Design & Effective Cleaning] The dog bath shower brush includes 68 brush heads, 3 massage points for each head. The fine touchpoints can penetrate deep into the pet's skin, massage, and clean your pet's hair thoroughly.
  • [Multi-Functional Brush] This dog shower brush is perfect for bath time. And you can use this brush to groom your dog, remove loose, shedding hair. It is also very comfortable to massage your dog with this it, suitable for all dogs and cats.
  • [Comfortable Bath Experience] The dog massage bath brush can bring a comfortable bathing experience to your dog, making him fall in love with bathing and feel soothed. It can not only remove dust and impurities from dogs but also massage their skin and hair. At the same time, it can stimulate blood circulation and nourish the hair. Your pet will be very relaxed and like to be groomed.
  • [Lightweight & Compact] The dog washing brush is convenient to carry and store, which can be placed in a handbag or backpack without taking up much space.
  • [TPR High-Quality Material] The pet shampoo brush is made of soft TPR(Thermo Plastic Rubber) material, non-toxic, anti-allergic, and safe for your pets. It is gentler than a rough, hard brush. The soft rubber head can quickly wipe away dirt, dead skin, and loose fur. It is easy to clean---just wash away the foam on the surface after using and hang it up for drying.

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This brush is made of soft rubber, which should not be chewed by your pet.

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Pet Bath Brush
This dog bath shower brush provides gentle, calm brushing and therapeutic massage for pets, stimulates blood circulation, and relieves muscle tension.
Traditional pet brushes are made of metal, steel, or wire. Most pets are resistant and uncooperative when using these types of brushes because they can cause physical pain, discomfort, and damage to the pet's skin and fur.
This incredible silicone brush gives you a new choice! We think you will find that our dog grooming brush is no exception.
204 Masssage Points
The dog massage bath brush can do deep cleaning. With 68 brush heads and 3 brush needles on each head. A total of 204 brush needles makes it an excellent pet brush. Your home will no longer be plagued by flying hair. The massage points can penetrate deep into the hair, allowing your pet to relax while bathing, providing a comfortable massage for your dog to make him healthier.
204 masssage points
Soft Rubber
It uses soft rubber, which can be used for brushing as well as massaging your pet. It will relieve pet's pressure, promotes blood circulation, and makes the pet's body healthier. The gentle brush head won't scratch the pet's skin, perfect for sensitive skin.
soft rubber
for all haired pets
Easy to Operate
This grooming brush applies to all dogs and cats, including small pets, large pets, and pets with medium or short hair.
Easy to Operate
ColorsWhite, Blue, Pink
Dimension4.72 x 2.55 x 1.5 inches
Q:How do you clean the brush? Can the dog's fur stick to it?
A:Simply rinsing it under water is ok. Just rub your hand over the brush and the fur comes right off.
Q:Is this dog shower brush works good?
A:This dog shower brush is perfect for your pets. It quickly scrub away dirt and dead skin from them and can provide them a comfortable massage.
Q:Is this dog massage bath brush easy to use?
A:Absolutely. You can groom, bathe your pet with this amazing brush. Your pet will love it.
Q:Would this dog bath brush work on a thick haired coat?
A:Yes, it's designed for long and thick haired coat pets.
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Multifunctional Dog Bath Brush, with Soft TPR Dog Grooming Shampoo Dispenser, Provide Comfortable Massage for Short Long Haired Pets
$14.99 $21.99
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