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Silicone Dog Paw Cleaner Cup, Automatic Pet Foot Washer with One-Click Operation, Easy to Clean Detachable Silicone Pad, Rechargeable & Durable

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  • [Time-Saving & Effortless] It eliminates the trouble of taking the dog to the bathroom to wash the feet or even take a bath every time you walk your dog home.
  • [Pet-Safe] The inside of the device is lined with silicone. The brush is soft, will not cause any abrasion or damage to the dog's hair and paws.
  • [One-click Automatic Operation] There is only one button on the device, and it can run automatically with a simple click, which is convenient and fast.
  • [Detachable & Easy to Clean] The inner silicone pad is detachable and can be rinsed with clean water.
  • [Rechargeable & Durable] The device adopts a rechargeable model, which can be used for 12 days at a time after being fully charged.

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1. Do not use this product when there is a cut on the paw.
2. When cleaning, just remove the silicone inner pad and rinse it. It is strictly forbidden to put the whole device in water for cleaning.

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After walking the dog back, feel difficult to clean the dirt in the dog's paws with paper towels or rags? When the dog's paws getting wet, seeing a string of dirty footprints on the floor? Every time you walk the dog back to wash your dog's feet, it turns into a bath and the dog is uncooperative?

Don't worry! Now a fully automatic dog paw cleaner cup can solve all your problems. After walking the dog home, you can clean your paws immediately with just one click.

The benefits of pet paw cleaner
pet paw cleaner is easy to clean
simple operation
rechargeable & durable pet paw cleaner
soft pet paw cleaner
effective cleaning pet paw cleaner
the size of pet paw cleaner
Battery capacity1500 mAh
Q:How to clean up the paw cleaner after using it?
A:The silicone pad is detachable, you just need to open the splash proof lid, take it out and rinse it.
Q:Does this have a lid so the water won't spill out?
A:Yes, there is a splash-proof lid on the top of the washer cup.
Q:Is the paw cleaner cup rechargeable?
A:Yes, it is rechargeable, with a 1500 mAh battery. Charging for 4 hours can be used for 12 days.
Q:Would this be used on dogs paw claws without any harming ?
A:Yes, it adopts food-grade silicone pad inside, which is super soft, won't cause any damage to dpg's paw or hair.
Q:Do you make a wider mouth for exotic dogs w big paws?
A:The washer outer diameter is 4.5 inches, the inner diameter is 1.7 inches, and the cleaning range is about 2.7 inches. We recommend cleaning small to medium sized pets.
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Silicone Dog Paw Cleaner Cup, Automatic Pet Foot Washer with One-Click Operation, Easy to Clean Detachable Silicone Pad, Rechargeable & Durable
$53.99 $76.99
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