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Silicone Dog Bath Brush Comb, Soft Rubber Grooming Brush with Shampoo Dispenser, Non-Slip Handle & Suspension Loop, Suitable for All Puppies and Kittens

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  • 【Hair-Friendly】The brush head is made of soft and elastic silicone material, high temperature resistance and easy-to-clean. It will not comb the hair hard, will not cause the dog hair-shedding, and can also help relieve the dog’s pressure and massage its skin to promote blood circulation.
  • 【Fine Bristles & Effective Cleaning】There are as many as 500 bristles, which can easily produce dense foam, effectively clean each hair, remove dust, and can easily comb the knotted hair of pets, giving pets a comfortable bathing experience, you can also interact happily with them.
  • 【With Shampoo Dispenser】With one-piece shower gel dispenser, you can pour the shower gel in advance. Easy to operate and easy to carry, suitable for travel. There is a hidden shower gel overflow hole at the bottom, which is both beautiful and practical.
  • 【Convenient to Use】When bathing the dog, gently pinch it to squeeze out the shower gel, which is very convenient and can save shampoo. There is a hanging loop on the top, which is not only non-slip, convenient to hold, but also convenient to hang for quick-drying after use, save space well.
  • 【Light & Portable】This product is small, light and easy to carry, with a total weight of only 85g, which can be easily grasped. Even if it is filled with shampoo, the weight will not cause any pressure on you, very suitable for long-distance travel.

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1. After washing, please pour out the water and shampoo on the surface to prevent glue adhesion.
2. Please avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.
3. If the shampoo is too thin, it may automatically flow out of the holes.
4. The product is made of silicone material, please do not place it near the fire source to avoid heat damage.
5. This dispenser on the top is only suitable for shower gel and shampoo, please do not pour corrosive chemical liquids.
6. After receiving this product, it is recommended to use boiling water for disinfection, which can eliminate the smell of silica gel. And don't worry, it is normal for silica gel products to have a little smell.
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pet bath brush banner 1

Taking a bath should be a happy time, but from the performance of dogs, they don't enjoy this time, because the traditional iron/plastic rakes may easily hurt our puppies. But now, you don't have to worry about that, your dog will no longer be afraid of bath.

This silicone dog bath brush comb can take all your concerns away!

pet bath brush
  • 1. Rinse your dog first;
  • 2. Open the cap and pour shampoo into it;
  • 3. Just squeeze slightly and the shampoo can easily come out through the small holes at the bottom;
  • 4. Begin from the neck, and work backward toward the torso and legs, gently scrub and massage your pet to bring it a comfortable shower experience.
pet bath brush

Made of high-quality food grade silicone, this dog bath brush has the advantage of High-temperature proof, easy to clean and quick drying.

pet bath brush

With non-slip handle, it's easy to grip when bathing your dog. It can also be easily hung to dry after use, saving space.

pet bath brush

The bristles are fine and soft, so the dog can enjoy the bath better. With this, you can massage their muscles and improve their blood circulation.

pet bath brush

The bath brush comes with an integral shampoo dispenser which can hold about 80ml of liquid, very suitable for travel.

ColorPink, Blue, Yellow
Materialsoft silicone
Suitable forcat, dog
Product Weight2.89 ounces
Package Dimension3.39 x 3.31 x 2.44 inches
Product Sizes3.3*3.14*1.96 inches
Q:Is this item easy to use?
A:Yes. Just pour the shampoo into the dispenser before bathing, and gently squeeze it out as bathing the dog. It will create a dense foam. With this brush, your dog will love the bath.
Q:What are the dimensions of this item?
A:It is made of silicone material, the product Size is 3.3*3.14*1.96 inches, with a net weight of 2.46 ounces.
Q:Does it cause your dog shed hair?
A:Absolutely no. It will gently brush away the hair that has fallen off but is still attached to the dog's body, rather than pulling the dog's fur out forcefully. Bathing your dog with soft bristles is equivalent to giving him a massage.
Q:Can I put shampoo in the dispenser for the next time?
A:We do not recommend you do this. Because the gelatinous shampoo may stick to the surface of the brush and dry out over time, making it difficult to clean. We recommend that you do not pack too much shower gel into that dispenser, pour out the rest after you wash, and then clean the brush.
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Silicone Dog Bath Brush Comb, Soft Rubber Grooming Brush with Shampoo Dispenser, Non-Slip Handle & Suspension Loop, Suitable for All Puppies and Kittens
$10.99 $15.99
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