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Dog Training Pad, 100 Count S to 20 Count XL, Training Pads for Dogs and Cats, Water Absorption Pet Pads

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S(13" x 17") 100Pack
M(17" x 24") 50Pack
L(24" x 24") 40Pack
XL(24" x 35") 20Pack
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  • [6-layer structure leak-proof] - This dog training pad consists of 6 layers: the first layer is a diamond quilted design with a dry surface to absorb liquids faster; then a non-woven fabric to prevent flow; the third and most important layer - a polymer core that turns liquids into a gel to lock in moisture and prevent messy leaks and unpleasant smells; then 2 layers of fast-drying super absorbent paper; and the last layer is a thickened and durable waterproof PE film to more effectively prevent liquids from leaking onto the floor.
  • [Extra large size 23"W x 35"L for large size pet] - The extra large quilted pocket on the dog training pad allows for maximum absorption. This pet training pad is suitable for all sizes of dogs, can be used to train larger puppies, house train puppies, assist aging, elderly or sick dogs; can be widely used in dog toilets, pet beds, pet travel bags, dog crates, puppy trays, in cars, to cover water/food in puppy crates, for extended indoor stays, and for travel.
  • [Absorbs up to 8 cups of liquid] - Increase to 12 grams of imported super absorbent polymer and fluffy pulp, which can hold more liquid up to 8 cups. Our puppy pee pads weigh up to 90 grams each. Compared to other leading brands, these puppy pee pads have more polymer and fleece pulp to turn liquids into gel on contact, and the fast-drying gel provides immediate absorption to prevent tracking and leaks. No more spill marks on walls and wet footprints on wood floors.
  • [Pet owner must have] - This pad is perfect for protecting carpets and floors from liquid damage while you are away, and is handy in cold and wet weather. With this thickened dog training mat, your pet will have a clean, dry and comfortable environment, one piece per day, giving your pet 24 hours of protection.
  • [Great Gift] - A great gift for anyone with puppies, dogs, senior dogs, kittens, cats, rabbits and other house training pets. Buy with confidence - If you have any questions about this item, just contact us and our professional customer service team will provide the best solution within 24 hours.

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The pee pads are great for puppy potty training, as well as for adult dogs that are incontinent, recovering from surgery or traveling. Multiple sizes.

dog training pads
6 layer leak proof design dog training pads
suitable for many occasions dog training pads
easy to use dog training pads
the size of dog training pads
SizeS(13" x 17"),M(17" x 24"), L(24" x 24"),XL (24" x 35")
Q:Would this pad work in a pet carrier? We will be traveling for up to four hours with kittens.
A:Yes, this should work in a pet carrier. I have a cat who pees in the carrier when we take him to the vet...it sucks up the pee nicely :) it doesn't have a sticky bottom, so you may want to tape the corners in place.
Q:Can I use this as a lining in my guinea pig cage?
A:I use these for Guinea Pigs and they have never scratched or chewed them. I put one in their "kitchen" area and they pretty much always go to the bathroom on the pad.
Q:Can you smell pee through the pads?
A:No you can’t but don’t leave it there for days either. When my dog go I use another one.
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Dog Training Pad, 100 Count S to 20 Count XL, Training Pads for Dogs and Cats, Water Absorption Pet Pads
$61.99 $87.99
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