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Non-Toxic Rubber Toy for Puppies and Dogs, Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy & Perfect Puppy Teething Toys with Jagged Protrusions

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  • [Non-toxic & durable rubber] Our dog chew toy is made of 100% safe rubber, non-toxic and BPA-free. It is strong enough to provide long-lasting support for large chewers.
  • [Perfect for dog teeth cleaning] The serrated and tapered protrusions of the rubber toy can meet the needs of different chewing habits, clean each tooth in an all-round way, and reduce the generation of tartar. The rubber rod is soft enough to prevent damage to the dog's gums. It can effectively alleviate the pain of puppies during teething. You can also squeeze toothpaste into the groove to help freshen the breath.
  • [Dog squeaky toy sound] There are two whistles on both end, so when the dog chews it, it makes squeaky sound. It attracts your dog to play for extra fun and excitement, your dog will run around the house holding it in its mouth, lying next to it, shaking it, and making it squeak.
  • [Physically and mentally care] This dog toothbrush toy is specially designed for the chewing habits of dogs. It can help maintain the dog's oral health, remove dental calculus, relieve anxiety and release the dog's excessive energy. They can also be used as snack dispensers filled to entertain your furry friends.
  • [Easy to clean] The rubber material is not easy to leave dog saliva, just simply rinse with water. It's best to clean it before and after use.

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Not for aggressive chewers. Better for smaller non-aggressive dogs.
We recommend cleaning it before and after use.

After the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days (Estimated fastest time to arrive). If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you!
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non toxic rubber chew toy for dogs
encourage good chewing behavior
good for dog teeth cleaning
ways to play with the dog rubber toy
why need the rubber toy
dsize of ipetor rubber dog toy
ColorBlue, Yellow, Green
MaterialNon-toxic & durable Rubber
Product Weight175g
Q:What are the material of the dog toys?
A:It is made of 100% natural rubber, non-toxic and tasteless, allowing your pets to chew and play safely.
Q:What should I do if my dog don't like the dog toothbrush toy?
A:You can squeeze the toy to make a sound to attract your dog's interest, or spread his favorite food, such as peanut butter, and he will like it.
Q:Is this strong enough aggressive chewers like a pitbull?
A:Since the toy is made of rubber, we don't encourage for aggressive chewers who may destroy it in a couple of hours.
Q:Will this bit toy damagedog's gums?
A:The toy is made of 100% natural rubber, so it is soft for dogs. The front and rear ends of this toy are thickened to increase the bite resistance, making it more durable.
Q:Will the squeaker fall out?
A:No, it does fall out unless you remove it.
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Non-Toxic Rubber Toy for Puppies and Dogs, Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy & Perfect Puppy Teething Toys with Jagged Protrusions
$21.99 $31.99
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