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Smart Interactive & Automatic Dog Ball Toy with USB Rechargeable, Upgrading Safe Material Chasing Dog Toy for Small Puppies, kittens and Medium Large Dogs

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  • 【Smart Toy with 3 Interactive Modes】It has 3 interactive modes: gentle, normal, active. You can choose the most suitable mode according to the dog's usual activity habits and behavior features. At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance sensors, which can automatically avoid obstacles such as sofas, tables, and beds, correct the route flexibly.
  • 【Pet-Friendly】The ball uses environmentally friendly polycarbonate material, which is non-toxic. safe, and durable, suitable for all sizes of dogs to touch or bite. At the same time, it is very light and will not pose a threat to the health of dogs. And the battery will not be exposed to the outside, avoid leakage in power, safe for dogs.
  • 【Long Lifespan】It uses USB to charge. charging for 1 hour allows dogs to play for 8 hours in an active mode.
  • 【Easy-to-Operate】 Turn the two hemispheres in opposite directions to open the shell, and press the button inside for 3 seconds to start the toy. Press the button once to adjust the interactive mode, please choose the appropriate mode according to the dog's activity habits. To save battery energy after use, please press the power button for three seconds to turn off the toy.
  • 【Interative Dog Toy】 This toy can stimulate the dog's curiosity and instinct. By automatically attracting the dog to chase, it can also encourage the dog to exercise more and have a healthy body. It can also help reduce anxiety and boredom caused by less owner care.
  • 【Build-in Automatic Obstacle Avoidance System】With intelligent obstacle avoidance sensor, ball dog toy can circumvent obstacles and course-correct independently. So it won’t get stuck or lost somewhere. It will always keep your dog company.

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1. Be careful not to let the dog swallow the toy, it can be dangerous.
2. When not in use, remember to turn off the power in time, otherwise will cause battery loss.

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Dogs are born with the instinct to chase. They like running, chasing and hunting. They are particularly addicted to ball games. By automatically attracting dogs to chase, this product can keep dogs in an active, happy and healthy mood throughout the day. I believe your dog will fall in love with the process of grabbing, biting and chasing it.
Help Dogs Exercise
This toy can be used indoors or outdoors and can effectively help dogs exercise. It can encourage dogs to run more by chasing toys to prevent gaining weight and maintain a healthy body. It can also encourage dogs to play actively, helping relieve their anxiety and stress, and prevent them from getting bored. At the same time, to a certain extent, it can also effectively reduce dogs to bite and scratch the sofa.
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For All Dogs, Cats
The toy ball has a diameter of 4 inches and is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. It perfectly meets the needs of all kinds of dogs, even cats.
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Automatically Start Working
When the toy ball remains on, at any time, once your pet touches it, it will automatically move or roll.
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Interact with Dogs
The toy ball has an indicator light, which can interact with the dog at any time, remind the dog of the position of the toy, and let the dog find it in time.
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When the toy shell is opened, the power will be cut off immediately to ensure the safety of you and your pet.
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Package Weight0.55lb
Dimension4.25 x 4.29 inches
Q:How can I tell if the battery is fully charged?
A:The green light will flash when it is fully charged.
Q:Is there a version for smaller breeds?
A:Actually, this toy is also suitable for smaller breeds. Because it is small in diameter and size, the material used is also safe. It will not harm cats and dogs.
Q:Does it activate with movement? How long does it stay on?
A:Yes, open it manually, then it can be activated by your dog's movement.
Q:Can it go in water?
A:Personally I would say no because it is electronic and needs charging. But it’s ok in dogs mouth to let him bite for a while.
Q:Can you use this on carpet?
A:Well, it depends on the thickness of your carpet, it works on thin carpet, thick carpet will affect it's function.
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Smart Interactive & Automatic Dog Ball Toy with USB Rechargeable, Upgrading Safe Material Chasing Dog Toy for Small Puppies, kittens and Medium Large Dogs
$87.99 $125.99
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