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Safe Ultrasonic 2-in-1 Dog Training and Bark Control Device, Waterproof Indoor-Outdoor Dog Bark Deterrent, Multi-Levels Dog Training Aids for Large and Small dogs

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  • 【Hair-Friendly】The brush head is made of soft and elastic silicone material, high temperature resistance and easy-to-clean. It will not comb the hair hard, will not cause the dog hair-shedding, and can also help relieve the dog’s pressure and massage its skin to promote blood circulation.
  • 【Fine Bristles & Effective Cleaning】There are as many as 500 bristles, which can easily produce dense foam, effectively clean each hair, remove dust, and can easily comb the knotted hair of pets, giving pets a comfortable bathing experience, you can also interact happily with them.
  • 【With Shampoo Dispenser】With one-piece shower gel dispenser, you can pour the shower gel in advance. Easy to operate and easy to carry, suitable for travel. There is a hidden shower gel overflow hole at the bottom, which is both beautiful and practical.
  • 【Convenient to Use】When bathing the dog, gently pinch it to squeeze out the shower gel, which is very convenient and can save shampoo. There is a hanging loop on the top, which is not only non-slip, convenient to hold, but also convenient to hang for quick-drying after use, save space well.
  • 【Light & Portable】This product is small, light and easy to carry, with a total weight of only 85g, which can be easily grasped. Even if it is filled with shampoo, the weight will not cause any pressure on you, very suitable for long-distance travel.

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1. When the device is not used or the barking of the dog is obviously reduced, remember to turn off the device in time to prevent power loss of the battery.
2. We do not recommend this device for dogs with ear injuries and dogs younger than 6 months old.
3. This device is not suitable for long-term immersion in water.
4. This device is not suitable for very noisy environments, nor is it suitable for multi-dog households.
5. Please choose the proper level according to the dog barking characteristics, to avoid the situation that has no effect or the level is too high to cause damage to the dog.
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Is it difficult to sleep day and night because of the dog's excessive barking? Does the neighborhood complain to you because the dogs in your house often bark? Excessive barking of dogs can affect you, your family and your neighbors.

An outdoor ultrasonic bark controller can effectively stop the dog from barking, and there is no need to put any receiving collar on the dog.

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The microphone can automatically sense the noise from the dog. When it detects excessive barking, the device can be activated to emit high-pitched ultrasound that only the dog can hear. The dog will respond to the uncomfortable sound wave stimulus and stop barking.

dog training collars details

With one 9-V battery, stand by for 2 months. When the battery is low, it will be reminded by the LED indicator on the surface.

dog training collars details

Waterproof, suitable for outdoor use in rainy days. You can always hang it outside without worrying about getting wet.

dog training collars details

The device possesses multiple levels of sensitivity. Pet owners can choose the most proper sensitivity according to the size of the dog, the character of the dog's barking, the degree of influence of neighbors, and the range of the dog’s activity.

If it is a small dog, and the barking is not loud, the active area is limited—for indoor scenes, the lowest sensitivity is recommended. On the contrary, you need to adjust the highest sensitivity.

In daily life, you can adjust the sensitivity to medium to meet the basic needs.

dog training collars details

Adjust the knob to the Test button, place the device a little far away, and make some noise towards it. If the green LED flashes and the device emits a beep, it can work normally.

Battery9-V Battery
Package Dimension4.53 x 2.83 x 2.4 inches
Package Weight4.52 Ounces
Q:If this device is outside, will work if your dog is inside barking?
A:Absolutely, the device's highest level of sensitivity can detect barks up to 15 meters. If you are worried that it will not work, please adjust your device to 3-level.
Q:How does this work? Can it really stop the dog from barking?
A:Yes, it works well. it works based on the ultrasonic technology, which can attract the dog's interest when the dog barks, and the dog can respond to this uncomfortable sound and keep quiet.
Q:If I put this outside against the noisy dog of the neighbor, will it bother the dog inside me?
A:It will impact any dog within the range of the sound but it is not harmful and will not hurt your dog. The dogs normally stop the barking when they heard this sound wave, start again and then stop as they begin to realize that it is irritating.
Q:What battery does it use, and how long can it be used when it is left on?
A:We recommend you use a 9-V battery, which can stand by about 2 months. But no battery comes with the purchase.
Q:Does it really for indoors and outdoors?
A:Yes. The highest level of sensitivity ranges up to 15 meters and is suitable for hanging in gardens. The minimum range is about 4 meters, suitable for indoor use.
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Safe Ultrasonic 2-in-1 Dog Training and Bark Control Device, Waterproof Indoor-Outdoor Dog Bark Deterrent, Multi-Levels Dog Training Aids for Large and Small dogs
$37.99 $54.99
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