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Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrents, Stop Neighbors Dog from Barking, Range Up to 50 ft, Small and Easy to Use

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  • 【Friendly to dogs】Non-wearable device makes it easier for dogs to tolerate; suitable to stop neighbor dog barking. Compared with traditional dog electric shock collars, ultrasonic control are more dog-friendly.
  • 【Suitable for all breeds】The ultrasonic waves emitted by this device are within the average hearing range of dogs, ensuring that the sound attracts the dog’s attention, but does not damage the hearing of people or dogs.
  • 【Small and lightweight design】It looks like an alarm clock. Easy to place and hide; It can be hung or installed on a tree, walls or fences.
  • 【Up to 50ft control range】It can detect and stop dog barking within 15-50ft. Much effective than spray dog collar or shock collar.
  • 【Sturdy and durable】The shell is made of waterproof ABS material, so you can hang it outdoors in any weather.

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1. Does not include battery; 9v battery is required.
2. Not suitable for dogs that are deaf or hearing impaired.
3. Dogs may adapt to the intensity, it is recommended to buy with a shock collar.
4. Feel free to contact us for any quality issues.

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Do you feel helpless and annoyed when the dog barks uncontrollably? It's time to try this ultrasonic dog bark control. Time to say goodbye to those endless barking and regain peace.
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Ultrasound just makes the dog hear something that makes him uncomfortable, and there is no substantial punishment. The dog will get used to the sound after using the product for a long time. It is recommended to buy with a shock collar.
It requires a 9V battery and needs to be replaced every 2-4 weeks.
Please adjust to the test position for testing before use.
ColorsBlack, Brown
Dimension3.15 x 1.69 x 1.97 inches
Q:Will the sound affect a cat?
A:This product is mainly for barking dogs. It will not work on pet cats.
Q:Is this product rechargeable or uses a battery?
A:This product needs a 9V battery, and the battery is not included in the package.
Q:How big is the product?
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Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrents, Stop Neighbors Dog from Barking, Range Up to 50 ft, Small and Easy to Use
$39.99 $57.99
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