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2600ft Range Remote Dog Training Collar for Large and Medium Dogs, Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with 3 Training Modes, LED Light and Safe Plastic Contact Points (with U. S. gauge plug)

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  • 【Multiple Training Modes】The device offers 3 training modes: tone mode, vibration mode, and shock mode, which can be used to help correct dog barking, sitting, peeing everywhere, and other aggressive behavior. Choose the proper pattern based on your dog's temperament and activity habits.
  • 【Safe Shock Contact Head】The device adopts a harmless detachable rubber shock contact head, which is softer and safer compared with the common electric devices. The silicone material is introduced to protect your dog from skin damage. When the shock mode is not needed, remove the shock head to reduce friction with your dog's hair. Caution should also be exercised when using the shock mode, preferably starting gradually.
  • 【Wide Coverage】With a range of up to 2,600 ft (875 yards), this controller can help you train your dog when he does some remote exercise in an outdoor location such as a park or your garden.
  • 【LED Light for Dark Environment】The device is equipped with built-in LED light and reflectors to help identify your dog at night or in dark environments, making it ideal for training dogs anytime, anywhere. Also, the reflector band on the collar can reflect light at night, making it easy for others to see the dog and keep the dog safe.
  • 【IP65 Waterproof】The receiver is IP65 waterproof and can be used on rainy days or while dog swimming. Just make sure to not expose the charging port underwater.

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1. Each dog has a different sensitivity to sounds and vibrations, it is recommended to start training from low gear: tone and vibration mode.
2. It is not recommended to wear it for more than eight hours a day, as prolonged wear can cause friction on your dog's body and may cause skin or hair damage.
3. The training collar is not available for puppies younger than 6 months. This device is more available for large and medium-sized dogs.
4. Long hair may affect the performance of the device. In order to make it work better, it is recommended to trim the hair on the neck of the long-haired dog.
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Does your dog misbehave at home, constantly barking or jumping around? Does he act aggressively to other people or pets while out? Have you ever wanted to train your dog, teach them how to sit, shake hands and lie down? No more hesitation and distress, as long as you have this device, all the above problems can help you solve.

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The remote-sensing collar is designed to train your dog specifically to avoid influencing other dogs.

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This is a safe and easy-to-operate handheld remote-control dog training collar for large and medium sized dogs. By controlling the collar remotely, it can help correct barking, sitting, aggression and other behaviors of dogs, making them gentler and more affectionate, and making your relationship with your dog more harmonious.

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This device allows your dog roam freely in the park without worrying about the dog running too far and getting out of control.

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Previous collars had more or less some disadvantages, such as the shock is too intensive and may damage the hair and skin around the dog's neck. The rubber shock head this device adopted is similar to a silicone earphone plug, which is soft yet effective and can help dogs get better training without hurting them.

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The 3 training modes has different intensity levels. You can choose the most suitable mode and level according to your dog's activities.

Puppies older than 6 months, for example, are trained to start with lower-level tone pattern to help them adapt to the presence of the trainer. Larger adult dogs, on the other hand, can choose a more intensive pattern for better effects.

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The collar can be adjusted from 7 to 25.6 inch. This dog training collar is recommended for medium and large dogs.
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Battery4 Lithium ion batteries (included)
Charging InterfaceMicro USB
Product Dimension165 mm x 150 mm x 50 mm(L x W x H)
Product Weight11.39 oz.
Q:Could this collar work in water?
A:Of course. Our collar works well in water. It is IP65 waterproof, which allows your dog swimming or bathing freely with the collar on. But just make sure the charging port is close when the receiver immersed in water and please don't put it in the water for a long time.
Q:Will the shock scare the dog?
A:No, it will not harm your dog or scare him. The collar is equipped with a soft rubber head cover to keep the dog safe. If you are concerned about injury, use a low-level shock mode or switch to another training mode, such as tone or vibration.
Q:Does it have a protection that you can’t accidentally push the buttons?
A:There is a raised edge around the buttons that gives a little extra layer to not accidentally push the buttons.
Q:Can I control each collars separately?
A:Yes. You can pair this dog training collars with different channels, and then control your receivers separately by switching the channels.
Q:Will I be able to use 2 different remotes in the same house?
A:Yes, you can. One remote can pair with 3 receivers.
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2600ft Range Remote Dog Training Collar for Large and Medium Dogs, Waterproof Dog Shock Collar with 3 Training Modes, LED Light and Safe Plastic Contact Points (with U. S. gauge plug)
$44.99 $64.99
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