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10 Best Dog Hairstyles in 2021 [DIY Dog Haircutting]

Updated by Sheryl on Sep 8, 2021

Are you fed up with the frequent shedding of your adorable house dog? If yes, maybe it is time for your dog to get a new haircut. The hygienic process of haircuts falls under the category of dog grooming. A brand-new haircut will provide your dog with an enhanced physical appearance making it instantly popular among other dogs in the neighborhood. That is why every dog, irrespective of the breed, needs a haircut every once in a while.

There are a number of benefits of providing your dog a haircut after a regular interval. Frequent dog grooming will keep your dog clean, shiny, etc. Regular haiarcuts will significantly reduce the chance of ear infections and other skin diseases as well. Also, it will keep the fleas and other insects away from your good-looking family dog. The dog hair cutting is instrumental for curbing bad odor as well. So, now buckle up, and let's start reading about dog haircuts in detail.

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These days there are a number of dog grooming salons in the town. They have professional groomers who are capable of providing your dog the cutest haircuts. Generally, there are some standard dog haircuts the dog parents go for. It has been a trend for a few decades. Do you want your fluffy house dog to look at its best? Well, you should know about different types of dog haircuts. Let's begin.

The lamb cut

 Started in the 1930s, the Lamb cut is pretty popular for curly-haired dogs. Believe it or not, this short haircut is ideal for both the summer and winter months. In this popular haircut, professional dog groomers use dog grooming clippers before reducing the length of the coat spread on the body and neck of the dog. The hair cut especially suits on poodles.

dog lamb cut
The lion cut

In this particular haircut, your dog gets the appearance of a lion with a mane-like coat around its face. The haircut was introduced to help the water dogs swim faster in the water. Here, the dog groomers shave some portions of your dog's body. That is why it takes the longest amount of time for the hair to grow back after the lion cut.

lion cut for dogs
The teddy bear cut

With a Teddy bear cut, the dogs look extraordinarily cute, just like an adorable bear cub. The Teddy bear cut is not at all a short haircut for dogs. Here, the groomers keep the coat length between half inches and 2 inches. In addition, professional groomers try to provide a round shape to the tail, face, and legs of your dog in this particular cut.

teddy bear cut
Poodle cut

This is one of the best haircuts for your dogs, especially for the summer months. Generally, the owners of furry dogs request this particular poodle cut. This haircut keeps ball-shaped fur near the paws of your dog, and dogs' tails are also made spherical providing an adorable look. Apart from the face, neck, paws, and tail, the rest of the body is properly shaved in this poodle cut. As a result, any dog breed with this haircut will look like a poodle.

poddle cut
Kennel cut

This summer-friendly haircut will help your dog stand out easily. Ideal for hunting dogs, the haircut keeps the fur short in the entire body making the experience comfortable for your little pet. In addition, the hair cut requires easy maintenance, and it can stop shedding significantly. So, the busy dog owners and singles generally request this particular haircut at the grooming salon for their canine friends.

shave the dog
The puppy cut

It is unquestionably the most requested dog haircut.  The best thing about puppy cut is that it keeps the dog in good shape for 6 to 8 weeks, and hence, there is a very low amount of maintenance required. In puppy haircut, the dogs get coat length between one to two inches throughout its body. The hair cut is ideal for dogs having soft and fluffy fur.

cut the puppy hair
The schnauzer cut

Here, you will get to see long hair on your dogs' legs. There remain some light fringes of hair on the entire body of dogs. The schnauzer cut leaves a little mustache around the dog's face.

Schnauzer cut
Sanitary trim

Last but not least, there is a Sanitary trim haircut for dogs. Here, the dog groomers shave some areas of the dogs' body, such as the belly, genitals, anus, and so on. This vet-recommended haircut is the most basic haircut, and it keeps your dog clean in the long run.

sanitary part trim for dogs

Haircuts trends in summer& winter

You may ask that can my dog have the same hairstyle all year round? Well, for summer, the dog parents generally choose short haircuts. The shorter fur lets the sweat come out of the dogs' body making them feel comfortable in warm weather. That is why most of the summer dog haircuts involve trimming and shaving. These types of haircuts protect them from heavy panting, vomiting, excessive thirst, etc., during the summer months. The sanitary trim, the kennel cut, lamb cut, etc., are pretty popular as summer haircuts.

For winter, the dog owners go for such haircuts for their cute little ones that keep as much fur as possible in their bodies. The furry haircuts help the dogs tolerate cold weather. Generally, the poodle cut, teddy bear cut, lamb cut, etc., are some dog haircuts, which you can try on your dog during the winter months.  

Well, dog grooming can seem a little intimidating task for novice dog parents at first. But the dog grooming salons charge pretty dearly these days for dog haircuts. So, with the right tools like a pet hairdryer, scissors, etc., you can groom your house dog on your own.

Dog comb

The pet grooming brush is a must-have for the self-grooming of dogs. These grooming brushes control the shedding significantly and help you straighten the fur before dog hair cutting.

Pet grooming scissors

The grooming kit includes a 6.5-inch thinning shear, a 6.5-inch curved scissor, a 6.5-inch straight scissor, a pet comb, a cleaning cloth, a black leather case, used for cutting the extra fur from the dogs' back, hip, neck, and legs. They are pretty sharp in nature, so you should use them pretty carefully.

Electric shears

Run-on electricity, this modern-day trimmer is generally used for very short haircuts, and very suitable for novices.

Pet Hair Dryer

After cutting your dog's hair, remember to clean up all the shedding hairs, give him a bath, and don't forget to dry him with a pet hair dryer.

Now let's move on to the actual steps of dog grooming. If you abide by the following steps, it will be a piece of cake for you to self-groom your adorable dog.

Dog grooming steps:
First, you need to properly oil and sharpen your dog grooming kits.
Comb your dog properly with the pet's self-cleaning brush before you start using the scissors. Or you can wash your dog with dog shampoo before.
Now, start cutting and be careful. Be careful not to poke or hurt your dog with sharp scissors.
While grooming, you should target the sensitive areas first. So, the vets recommend starting with the ears and eyes of the dogs.
After that, move on to the part of the nose, neck, back, etc.
Once all these regions are done, it is time to focus on the legs, tail, and belly region of the dog.
We suggest the dog parents keep shaving for the end at once.
Also, don't trim your dog too much on the first attempt. You should cut one or less than one inches length of coat in the beginning.
After everything is done, you should check your dog from various angles and cut all the excess hair.
pet groom
Are haircuts good for dogs?
Yes, of course. The haircuts are pretty necessary for your dog to maintain a clean and flawless appearance. Dog haircuts contribute to hair growth in a way. It also diminishes the amount of shedding in dogs. The haircut has the potential to protect your dog from the scorching heat of summer and snowy winters. The regular haircut fights itchiness, irritation as well. So, dogs remain in a good mood after the haircut is done.
How often should you cut your dog's hair?
The frequency of the haircut is totally dependent on the coat type of your dog. The dogs with silky coats need haircuts more often. But, dogs with rough coats take around two to three months of the hair to grow back. Generally, a haircut is needed every four to six weeks for all dogs. The haircuts that involve shaving delays hair growth and keep the owners worry-free for a long time.
Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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