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How to Deal with Fleas on Cats: Treatment You Need to Know

Updated by Sheryl on Sep 17, 2021

Do you want to rid of fleas on your cat? Are you tired of dealing with its restless behavior? This blog tells you how to recognize your cat has fleas, ways to eliminate them, and the best solutions for cat flea treatment. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly Is a Cat Flea
How to Tell If There Are Fleas on a Cat
How to Eliminate Fleas on Cats
How to Keep Your Cat Safe from Fleas

As you might guess from the name, cat flea is a parasite that infects our cats. It is one of the most common flea species in the world. These insects survive by parasitizing animals and sucking their blood.

The life cycle of cat flea consists of four different stages: egg, larva, cocoon and adult. In order to reproduce offspring, cat fleas need to suck enough blood to produce new eggs. Generally, a female cat flea can produce about 1,000 to 2,000 eggs in its lifetime.

life cycle of cat flea

Although fleas are very small, sometimes we can still observe whether our pets are infected with fleas from the naked eye. If your cat’s fur is light-colored, it will be easy to see. You can simply brush the hair to the sides to expose specific areas of your pet's skin. Flea first looks like dirt between your pet's hair but don't be fooled. This may be flea feces, or it may be a flea that is sucking blood, especially if you see red spots (bite marks) around these black particles, then you can be sure.

But most of the time, we can't see them with the naked eye. Here are some other ways to help us identify the fleas on cats:
Put the "sheets" from the cat's bed on a wet white towel and check it to know if there are fleas on the cat.
If there are some black particles in the cat's sleeping place, put one on the toilet paper and drip a drop of water. If the damp area is red, it's the feces of a flea that has sucked cat blood. When you poke away the cat's hair, you can see black dots at the root of the fur, that is, flea feces. Fleas live by eating the cat's blood, so after putting the black dots in the water, it will slowly dissolve and appears red.
Moreover, pet owners can also distinguish fleas by observing some of the cat's behavior. Cats that have infested fleas will have unbearable skin itching. They tend to scratch themselves with their paws, scratch on walls and other places, or roll and scratch on the ground. At the same time, they become irritable.

Fleas are a headache for your cat and you. Although they are only a bit bigger than sesame seeds, they are very destructive. If your cat is infected with fleas, its population will double every day. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate these fleas as soon as possible.

found cat fleas

Use insecticide to eliminate fleas in your living environment. Make sure it is colorless, odorless, safe and non-toxic before use. Spray them on places where fleas are infested, such as near pet cages, at the foot of walls, beside beds, etc. After spraying, a medicinal film is formed that is invisible to the naked eye. Within half a month, fleas will be poisoned as long as they touch it.

As far as safety is concerned, there is no problem with a moderate amount, but generally, I don't recommend you to use it on your bed. Take out the quilt and expose it to the sun. As for bed sheets, duvet covers, and clothes, I suggest you take a spoonful of dinotefuran and dissolve it in a basin of water, soak it for half an hour and then wash it normally with a washing machine.

Remember to note that you can kill insects and fleas by washing directly.

cat is scratching

Items to help get rid of fleas

There are some home remedies that you can do if you detect that your cat has fleas. Some of the most effective are:

Essential oils: Mix some lavender or citronella oil with flea shampoo.
Chamomile: Chamomile is a good remedy to eliminate fleas in cats. Boil water with chamomile, strain the infusion and soak a cloth in the liquid. After that, apply the cloth to your cat's skin.
Lemon: To remove fleas from a cat, combine water and lemon juice in equal parts. Add the liquid to a spray bottle and spray the mixture over your cat.
Vinegar: Add vinegar to the shampoo in equal parts and bathe your pet to eliminate fleas.
Apple vinegar: This product cannot completely eliminate fleas but forces them to jump into another body territory. To apply, mix apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, wet your cat with the liquid and groom gently. Apply the mixture again after three days.
Vaseline: This remedy works for the moment of grooming. When you groom your cat with a special flea comb, take some petroleum jelly and place it on the head of the flea to immobilize it and make it easier to remove.

In addition to this, it is important that you carry out a specific treatment in the environment to eliminate fleas. These insects can nest anywhere your cat has been, such as the sofa or carpet. It is best to do a deep cleaning to disinfect.

catch fleas from the cat

How to remove fleas from a baby cat

When fleas affect a baby cat, the situation is more worrying because they are more vulnerable and sensitive than adults. Special care must be taken when treating the health problems of kitty.

A remedy to eliminate fleas in baby cats is alcohol. Dip a cotton swab in a little alcohol. When you see a flea, press and rub lightly with the cotton swab on it. After that, take it and put it in a glass with alcohol to eliminate it permanently. Repeat the procedure until your kitten is flea-free.

Remember that if the problem has gotten serious, you need to consult the vet for its proper treatment.

The cat lay comfortably

1. Groom your cat with a dense comb

Cat owners can use dense-toothed combs to groom their cats, so that some fleas may be combed down, but the cat owners should not rush while combing fleas, which may cause eggs to fly out and the cat may eat the eggs. Cat owners can use transparent glue to hold the fleas and then dispose of them.

2. Keep the house clean

Cat owners should also pay attention to indoor hygiene and cleanliness. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fleas that have been combed and fallen on the cat house. There are also indoor corners and gaps like carpets, blankets, etc., which should also be cleaned. If there are still a lot of fleas in the house, then the cat owner can buy some fleas-removing powder and pour it on the floor. However, some of these are harmful to the cat and your family. Make sure to buy products that are reliable and recommended. Pay attention to the cat when you spray it. And if there are children in the house, you need to consider whether to use it.

3. Bathe the cat regularly

Bathe your cat regularly to remove uncombed fleas, which can also prevent fleas from growing. If a cat doesn't like to be bathed, the owner can use flea powder, sprinkle it on areas of the cat that might have fleas, and comb it over. However, flea powder is not recommended for daily use, it's not good for the cat's health.

In addition, in the usual diet, cat owners should feed their cats with light flavors. Do not feed cats heavy food.

give the cat a bath


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