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Increased thirst of my dog – what should I do?

Updated by Amy Granger on Oct 21, 2021

One day you come from work and see the empty water bucket of your dog while your dog is still thirsty. You might not think of it as a problem, but, if this situation happens for serval days, this can be an alarm. As a pet parent, you must be familiar with your dog's behavior, even the amount of water for drinking and the frequency, thus, if you found your dog's quantity demand for water has increased rapidly, you should be worried about it.

It is called - polydipsia, which mostly happens in dogs that drinking a lot of water. Furthermore, veterinarians characterize this condition as drinking more water and feeling thirsty all the time. If your dog is suffering from the same situation, don't worry, because this article will show you the normal daily water requirement of your dog and how to treat your dog suffering from polydipsia.

dog drink water

No doubt, water is an essential component of the body. More than 50% of the body is water. Dogs cannot perform their metabolism without water, and therefore they require enough water to run their body.

According to some research, dogs require two and a half times more water than the food they take. It is a rough count since the actual water needs are variable among every dog. The actual water requirement depends on its daily activity, outside environment, and type of food they take. But on average, they need one ounce of water per pound of body weight.

Technically, it is not wise to measure the exact amount of water for your dog and don't let him drink more than that. It is wise to contact your veterinarian, and he will advise the minimum and maximum intake of water according to your dog's body condition.

If you know how much water your dog drinks in a day and notice a horror increase in the water intake, you should probably call your vet because there may generate serious complications. Indeed, there can be many causes for your dog being thirsty, some are mild, and some are serious. Here are some symptoms you may need to be aware of:


Dehydration can be the most common reason that causes your dog to be thirsty. Environment changing is one of the big factors, the water requirements of winter are less than summer. Just like us, we drink more water in summer to relieve thirst.

Normal level dehydration is acceptable because of the hot weather. However, if your dog doesn't feel enough after drinking a lot of water, there might be a sign of severe dehydration. You need to change your dog's daily routines and diet immediately. Severe dehydration may lead to vomiting and diarrhea, and sometimes your dog may become unconscious.

dog drinking water


Your dog might be ill. Many diseases such as diabetes mellites, diarrhea, infection, fever, Cushing's disease, and infection may cause excessive thirst. Dogs suffer from excessive urination in conditions like diabetes mellites which may be the cause of excessive drinking.

It is important to consult your veterinarian to diagnose the disease completely. A proper diagnosis of the disease will lead to a proper solution to excessive thirst.


If your dog is suffering from the disease that needs long-term medication for treatment, those drugs may cause excessive thirst. Furosemide, a heart failure drug, and other drugs that are used to treat seizures, asthma, allergies, and inflammation are also cause the result of excessive thirst.


Dry foods that contain a very low amount of water contents are one of the reasons. Dry foods that contain high sodium are the primary cause of increased thirst. The more your food contains salts, the more your dog feels thirsty. Moreover, large amounts of salts can be poisonous to your dog.

So, your dog's diet should contain enough water contents. For example, using canned foods or proving your dog's raw food, or you can ask your vet for a detailed diet plan for your dog.

Besides solving the diet problem, you should also revolutionize the water feeding behavior. In common, household water may contain excess solutes, which can be the factor in increased thirst in your dog.

ipetor pet fountain

Benefits of using the iPetor Pet Water Fountain

Here, we recommend you to use iPetor Pet Fountain to feed your dog, it possesses a triple filtration system to remove any dirt or dissolved solutes.

In addition, its various beautiful designs, BPA-free material, large capacity, ultra-quiet, and low consumption pump provide you with the best option to have. Its beautiful design and clear water will attract your furry friend to drink water to its thirst.

Q1. How do I know if my dog is drinking too much water?

Well, you can test your observational skills. Fill the water bowl in the morning and observe how many hours your dog drinks completely. And compare it to previous routines of your dog.

Q2. Why does my dog don't want to drink water?

The water you provide may be dirty, salty, too warm, or too cold. Or your dog just doesn't like the bowl. You timely change the clear water or change a water bowl. Oh, you can try out the iPetor Pet Fountain we've just introduced above.

Q3. How do you get a dehydrated dog to drink?

Place the water bowls everywhere in the house, add flavor to water, test different bowls, or let him eat foods having enough water contents. If you get no result by using the above ways, try contacting a vet.

Q4. Can a dog recover from dehydration?

Yes, your dog can recover from dehydration. You can follow the guidelines mentioned above and consult a veterinarian.


Don't ignore the increased thirst of your dog. Dogs drinking too much water reflects a lot of problems. Follow the steps above to see whether your dogs are facing the polydipsia problem, try to help your dog solve this problem.

Amy Granger
Amy is an editor from iPetor, owns a 4-year experience in writing tips and tutorial for users. As a pet owner, she will share more pets care methods and recommend more useful products for all pet owners.
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