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22 Lovely Houseplants That Are Safe for Cats

Updated by Amy Granger on Jun 4, 2021

If you want to have houseplants at home, you need to keep in mind that your cat might see them as a toy or food. That means it will most likely destroy or eat them, so we will tell you a variety of houseplants that are safe for cats with different maintenance levels.

We will mention some useful tips to keep your plants safe from your cat. Moreover, some plants can be poisonous to your cat and we will list the most common ones you need to avoid getting close to your pets.

cat and houseplants

Below are 22 common houseplants we can find for you to plant at home, they will be safe for your cats. Check them up!

  • Rattlesnake Plant: It is a gorgeous houseplant that is safe for cats, dogs, and humans. However, it requires lots of care.
  • Spider Plant: Your kitten will feel attracted to this plant and eat it. It will work as a mild hallucinogen. It is like a light version of the catnip and it is safe for your cat.
  • Gloxinia: It has bright red petals. It is completely non-toxic for cats and won't have any secondary effect on them. In addition, It requires indirect light and lots of moisture.
  • African Violet: These violet flowers will bloom even when put in low light. It is a safe snack for your kitten.
  • Baby Tears: The plant will cover all the soil, making it more difficult for your cat to destroy it. Also, it is safe for your cat if it eats it.
  • Banana Tree: Your cat will enjoy scratching this Banana Tree, so make sure to protect it if you want it to grow.
  • Parlor Palm: This houseplant is safe for cats and easy to grow with indoor conditions.
  • Calathea Orbifolia: It is safe for your cat and it will purify your air, making your house a calm place for your cat.
  • Ponytail Palm: The long leaves will act as a great toy for your cat and it is non-toxic.
  • Hawarthia: This easy-to-care plant needs bright light and is safe.
  • Echeveria: This is one of the succulents safe for cats. You can keep them for their beauty and it is easy to maintain.
  • Areca Palm: If you want a tropical plant, this will serve as a non-toxic alternative for your house.
  • Chinese Money Plant: This plant grows at a fast pace, so if your cat munches it, it will grow back in a short time.
  • Monkey Tree: It is safe for cats. However, it is best to keep the leaves out of reach since they can give belly aches to your pet.
  • Boston Fern: This is a safe cat plant that will brighten your house. It prefers high humidity and lots of light.
  • Cast Iron Plant: This resistant plant is great for beginner gardeners with a pet-friendly perk.
  • Venus Fly Trap: It sounds like a dangerous plant, but it is not toxic and the most it can do is nibble a little your curious cat.
  • Bamboo Palm: It is a palm that will purify the air of your home, it also helps to calm your pets.
  • Peperomia Green: It is a non-toxic little plant that can be kept away from your cat's fangs by hanging it on a basket
  • Prayer Plant: It is a plant that will get your cat's attention, but it is safe if your pet tries to eat it.
  • Polka Dot Plant: The bright leaves will look good even without flowers. It is safe as long as your cat doesn't eat a large amount.
  • Orchid: These delicate flowers are safe for your kitten. However, it requires dedicated care and special conditions.
22 houseplants that safe for cats

Cats are curious creatures. They will see your plants as a source of food and entertainment. It is normal but will most likely kill all your plants if you do not take some preventions, here are some ways you can do to prevent this happen:

  • Create a wall-mount terrarium to keep your plants out of the reach of your cat. This also works as a great way to exhibit your plants.
  • Try hanging your plants from the walls or the ceiling, and should make it harder for your cats to dig out.
  • Choose taller planters, and make it difficult for your kitten to destroy your plants by standing up.
  • Place stones, pine coins, or similar items on top of your plat soil. This will prevent your cat from using your plant as a litter box.
  • Choose plants or trees that do not have any leaves on the lower areas to avoid tempting your pet to munch them.
  • You can prepare a mixture with orange peels and ground coffee then place it on top of your plant's soil. These scents will displease your cat so they will lose interest in your plants.
  • If your cat is nonstop eating your plants, you can spray your plant with a homemade mix of cat repellent. For example, mix hot sauce, water, and vinegar together. These mixtures are safe for your plants but will discourage your cat to eat the leaves.
cat live with houseplants

All the plants on this list are common houseplants that may seem harmless for humans but are lethal for your cat. They can have soluble and insoluble calcium oxalate among other toxic components. For worse, these harmful plants can produce vomiting, lethargy, kidney failure, and even death on your cats.

If you have any of these plants, make sure to take them out as soon as possible or keep them away from your cats. Here are 13 harmful plants for cats.

1. Lilies; 2. Eucalyptus; 3. Onion; 4. Jade; 5. Aloe Vera; 6. Tomato plant; 7. Azaleas; 8. Dumb Cane; 9. Begonia; 10. Catnip; 11. Golden Photos; 12. Bird of Paradise; 13. Asparagus Fern

However, some plants that may seem edible for your pet, like catnip, but if your cat eats them too much, they can become a poison for them.

Q1. How do I stop my cat from eating my plants?

You can distract your cat by giving him toys and positive reinforcement. You can also stop it from destroying your plants by giving it plants especially for him like cat grass, and catnip. You can find these houseplants safe for cats in pet stores.

Q2. How to keep cats away from plants?

Try placing your plant in tall places out of your pet's reach. If you want to keep them away at all costs, you can try using cat repellent preparations. You can try making it at home or buying a commercial repellent. They are safe for your plants and will only repel your cat from them.

Q3. What plants keep cats away?

Cats will get away from plants like rue, lavender, lemon thyme, and pennyroyal. Place a few in your garden to keep your pet away from your beloved plants. They are safe for your cat but the smell will repel it.

Q4. What plants do cats like?

Some plants are cat's favorites for their essence and effects, such as valerian, cat thyme, cat grass, and lemongrass. If a cat consumes different parts of these plants, it will have hallucinogen and psychosexual reactions. Of course, your cat will enjoy them.


To keep your plants and your cat together in harmony, you just need to find what plant suits best to your cat. You might need to take different previsions depending on your cat's personality and the interest it shows for plants. Now put some houseplants at home that are safe for you lovely cats!

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