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How To Cut Dog Nails Without Hurting Your Dog

Updated by Sheryl on Sep 8, 2021

Nail trimming is an essential part of every dog's grooming hygiene. Clipping dog nails on time is important for your pet and their overall health and hygiene. Of course, professionals can perform this task with utmost ease but so can you! Remember your dog feels safe and comfortable around you and thus will let you perform these tasks easily. All you need is the right knowledge and tools not to hurt your dog in any way. 

hold the dog paws

Every dog needs a regular nail trim for many reasons. And one of the most crucial reasons is health. If your dog has extra-long nails, they may find it difficult to walk as well as experience pain. So, a healthy trim is a must once in two to three weeks. It will ensure your dog is safe and will also prevent serious health issues as they age. So, if you want to know how to cut your dog's nails in the safest possible way, this is a perfect guide for you!

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Before starting with any procedures, remember you need to make your pet feel comfortable and easy. Nail trimming can be scary for them, and they will try to distract you in every way. Only some dogs are comfortable with nail trimming. However, the rest of them might not be easy to handle without these tips. So, first and foremost, distract your dog with its favorite treat or peanut butter to start well. 

Moreover, giving them a regular nail trimming habit since puppyhood works the best. With this, your dog will get habitual and not panic during the entire process. Also, maintaining a positive and friendly attitude is important. You can pamper your pooch with treats and gentle voices to make them feel appreciated. Lastly, use the right clippers for clipping dog nails and cut the exact length to prevent hurting your pet. Moving ahead, we have a detailed step-by-step guide to help you cut your dog's nails correctly. 

cut the dog nails with trimmers

Brace yourself 

Before making your dog comfortable make sure you have gathered all the tools that you will need during the process.

The equipment that you will need to get started are: 
A pet nail grinder/clipper 
Torch or lights 

After you have made all the arrangements and are ready, start by making your dog comfortable, as suggested above. If your pet is a little nervous, give it some treats and make sure you calm your dog well before you start. 

Know your cutting range 

Deciding the length of the cut is crucial. Your dog's nails contain blood supplies, and it can be very painful if you accidentally clip the wrong part. Recognizing the cut length is simpler with light nails than that with darker nails. However, remember to cut the tip of the nail and not the entire end. Using a flashlight can help you locate the blood area easily. Also, this is a crucial step in understanding how to cut dog nails, so do not skip it. 

The perfect edge to cut is right before the blood supply ends. Also, the paws in the front are prone to excessive growth; thus, hold them firmly and ensure that your pet does not move. Further, note that you must only cut the nail parallel to the bottom. If your dog's nails are touching the floor, they most likely need a perfect cutting before it starts paining.

correct way to cut dog nails

Time to trim 

After you have decided on the cutting edge, it is time to perform the actual task. Do not worry, as it is simple and not as complicated as it sounds. Get your dog in a relaxed position and take the equipment to start trimming its nails. 

Do not trim large portions at once. Instead, begin with small steps and treat them in between to make them feel relaxed. If there is no blood loss at the end of the nail, then you have completed your task successfully. Moreover, you can use some paw balsam to pamper your dog and soften the skin around the nail. Of course, this is not a compulsion. 

Reward time 

A prize is a must for your good boy or girl. Do not forget to reward them and yourself for successfully trimming their nails. Regularly practicing this will make your dog feel comfortable and easy while doing this trimming. Also, it will help eliminate fear and make them feel confident and secure. 

Understanding the process is crucial but using the right tools is also essential. Below we have enlisted a few dog clippers and grinders that are the best for your pet. Using them will give you the best results and make your entire process simpler. 

Before taking a look at the products, consider these points to get your ideal nail clipper:
Budget and Safety

Before purchasing a product, it is important to keep a budget in mind. However, do not compromise on quality, as this is an essential part of your dog's grooming routine. So, get a reliable and cost-efficient product for the best results.


A product must be safe and secure for use as clipping dog nails require special care. So, go for trustable products that are supported by technology to give your pet the best comfort. Also, such products give precise cuts and reduce chances of pain and risks.


Go for products with features and modern technology. Like, speed adjustments, light, or any other assistance for convenient use. It will help you learn and use the tool well to maintain your dog's regular grooming hygiene. 

cut dog nails
Super Low-Noise Nail Clipper – Precise Cut 

Using this circular nail clipper has many benefits for your dog. First, it prevents skin grabbing and other risks while trimming nails. The trimmer features an adjustable, low-high speed design powerful enough support heavy grinding. Moreover, it can produce a very low vibration by using a superior motor with whisper-quiet technology which can keep pets calm and help trim pets claws faster and easier.

Pet Nail Clipper – For Small Dogs 

This professional grooming tool is ergonomically designed. The thick handle is finished with a slip-proof coating that allows you to securely and comfortably grip them in order to prevent painful accidents. Also, it has a reasonable elevation angle of 160 degrees, allowing puppy sitting in a comfortable position when cut their nails.

Cartoon Appearance Pet Nail Clipper – Best Appearance

The cartoon design can be disguised as a cute toy so that your pet will not be afraid of it. At the same time, the lovely appearance can decorate your home, making it more visually comfortable.

This pet nail clipper has a transparent protective cover that can collect the cut nails to avoid splashes and harm your cat or dog. It will not be difficult to clean the fallen nails. Besides, there is a nail file at the bottom of the nail clippers, which is convenient for you to cut and trim. Hidden Nail File conveniently stored in the handle will allow you to polish sharp nails to perfection.

Professional Grooming Pets Nail Trimmer – For Safety

The professional dog nail clipper is designed to keep you comfortable while grooming your pet at home. Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong, lightweight, and comfortable which can stay safely in your hands to ensure ease of use and prevent accidental nicks and cuts.

No matter how perfect we are, we may end up making mistakes. So, in case your dog's nail starts bleeding, do not panic and use these first aid measures quickly. Try to stop the blood flow and prevent dirt from accumulating in that area. By doing this, your dog will be less susceptible to infection and heal quickly. 

If the blood flow does not stop after 20 to 25 minutes, contact your vet and take immediate action. You can also use styptic powder on the wound in case your vet is not available. Also, ice cubes can work well for seizing blood flow. 

Grooming is an essential hygiene routine for your pet. However, if you cut your dog's nails, it can help them feel very cherished. Each pet loves attention from its owners, and these small acts make them feel very important. So, make sure you learn how to cut dog nails well and try grooming them once in a while to make them feel safe and loved. Also, remember your dog feels very comfortable around you and will adore the time you spend with it while grooming. So, pamper your dog well because they adore you the most and deserve it. Altogether, keep them happy and healthy so that you can enjoy their company for long. 

cut puppy nails

We believe that with the help of this guide, you will be able to cut your dog's nails easily and safely. However, if you are not confident, you can locate a store by searching for 'dog nail trimming near me.' Overall, we suggest you take these tiny moments to pamper your pet and shower them with affection! 

Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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