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How to Get Rid of Dog Hair Everywhere: Learn the Easiest Ways to Remove Dog Hair

Updated by Sheryl on Dec 3, 2021

You are so proud of your fur baby, but when it comes to removing pet hair, things get out of hand every time. Every dog owner will agree how frustrating it becomes when they have to go through intense cleaning sessions twice or thrice a week and still miserably fail at removing the dog fur.

You are just done with the vacuuming, and you see another bunch of tumbleweed lying on the floor. Feel helpless, right? So, what's the right way to remove pet hair? Well, it's easy, but you must know the hacks and tricks to remove pet hair that actually works.

puppy on the fluffy sofa
  • How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in House? A General Guide
  • How to Remove Dog Hair from Cars?
  • How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes?
  • Remove Pet Hair from Furniture
  • FAQs about Removing Pet Hair

The internet is flooded with information when it comes to 'removing pet hair'. You will hear things like using a balloon, using velcro curlers, wet sponges, etc., but only a few methods actually work effectively.

Here are the best 5 tips to get rid of dog hair from your home:
Brush your dog regularly: Brush your dog regularly to reduce the amount of hair shedding. It's the best you can do to keep your house free from dog hair.
Use the right vacuum cleaner: Pick a vacuum cleaner that is effective at removing pet hair. It will pick up most of the hairs from furniture and upholstery.
Prepare a cover-up: Your dog must have his favorite spot to lie down. Cover it up with a blanket.
Rubber gloves/lint rollers/pet hair remover brush: These are excellent tools for picking up dog hair from clothes, upholstery, car seats, and other soft surfaces.
Make full use of the tumble drier: Running clothes inside the tumble drier for a few minutes on low heat or no heat will help loosen the dog hair. Adding a fabric softener will get rid of most hair in the dryer.

Getting rid of pet hair from cars can be tricky as the hairs tend to get stuck in every nook and cranny. Here are 5 effective tools to help you get dog hair out of the car:

  • A dog hair remover: A dog hair remover is a special brush designed for removing pet hair from soft surfaces. It's made of rubber or silicone bristles. Just roll the bush on the car seats, carpets, pillows, and you are done. They can be used for picking loose hairs as well as embedded hairs.
  • Lint roller: They are rollers with a sticky surface that picks pet hair from car surfaces. Regular lint rollers might not be great at removing embedded hairs from car upholstery.
  • Handheld vacuum: Handheld vacuums that have pet-hair-removing nozzles can reach narrow crevices and hard-to-reach areas. They are quick and easy to use on car seats and floors. They are small and lightweight but need frequent recharging.
  • Rubber glove: A rubber glove (the ones that are used to clear dishes) can be used for cleaning dog hair as well. Wear a rubber glove with nubs on the palm side and run it on the carpeted areas of the car. To remove as many hairs as possible, wipe in one direction only.
  • Wire brush: Wire brush is great at picking up dog hair that is embedded deep into the upholstery. Just make sure the brushes are not too stiff to damage your car's seat covers.
Here are some tricks and tools you can use to remove dog hair from clothes:
A sticky lint roller: First, remove as much hair as possible with the help of a lint roller or pet remover brush. If you don't have any of these, grab a rubber glove ( often used to wash dishes). Slightly damp the gloves and then run the glove across the fabric. Most of the dog hair will stick to it.
Dryer sheet: Put the clothes in the drier with a few dryer sheets. The dryer sheets with anti-static properties will trap the hairs.
Fabric softener or anti-static spray: Spray fabric softener or an anti-static spray on the clothes to reduce the static cling. It loosens the hair and makes it easier to remove with a brush or tape.
Stem-bath for woolen clothes: To remove dog hair from woolen clothes, use a clothes steamer before brushing it, which will release the dog hair, making it a lot easier to brush away. You can also keep the clothes in a steamy bathroom.
clothes with pet hair

Removing pet hair from wooden furniture will require a microfiber cloth or a dryer sheet. Gather all the hair you can by hand using any of these. Then use an anti-static spray, if possible, to help lose the hair.

Remove Dog Hair from Couch

For removing pet hair from the couch, start vacuuming with 'pet-hair or the 'upholstery' attachment. If you don't have the upholstery attachment, brush the upholstery using any of these tools-- a damp rubber glove, dryer sheets, a microfiber cloth, or a slightly damp sponge.
You can use an anti-static spray or a fabric softener to help lose the hair more easily. Finally, vacuum once more and finish it off with a lint roller.
Remember to empty the vacuum bag often to make sure the vacuum works at its full power.

dog on the sofa

How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet?

To get pet hair off the carpet, first, take a pumice stone or de-shedding tool and gently sweep along the carpet to gather loose hairs. Then vacuum the area twice and in the alternate direction to collect hairs that are stuck in-between the fabric.

dog on the carpet

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Washing Machine?

Follow these steps:
For washing clothes full of pet hair, put them in the dryer before washing them. Run the items for 10 minutes in the dryer on low heat. The tumbling action will help loosen most of the hair.
Put one or two dry sheets in the dryer. The drier sheets will reduce static and collect pet hair.
You can add one cup of white vinegar or a fabric softener to the clothes during the rinse cycle. The vinegar will relax the fabrics and will lose more hair.
After you're done washing clothes, run an extra rinse cycle to flush away any pet hair left inside the washer drum so that it doesn't stick to the next laundry load.
What's the best way to remove dog hair from clothes?
A lint roller or duct tape both are great at removing dog hair from clothes. Another option is using a rubber glove. Use it dry or slightly dampen it and run your hands across the fabric. Most of the dog hair will come out. You can use an anti-static spray afterward to make sure the hair doesn't stick again.
How to stop dog hair in the washing machine from sticking to clothes?
Add ½ a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine in the final rinse cycle. The vinegar will help reduce the static that causes pet hair to stick to the clothes. You can make your anti-static spray at home by mixing two tbsp of fabric softener into 1 cup of water.
Does fabric softener help remove dog hair?
Fabric softener relaxes the fibers, reduces static which releases dog hair. You can add fabric softener to the clothes or upholstery while washing or mix it with water and spray it on clothes whenever static appears.
Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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