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Does Your Dog Have a Drink Problem?

Updated by Sheryl on Oct 15, 2021

Balanced nutrition consisting of healthy food and adequate water intake is vital to keep your dog robust and active. Without adequate water, your furry friend will fail to function actively. If you wish to avoid all these complications, ensure your dog drinks water in good quantities.

However, they may resist because of uncomfortable utensils. Therefore, a portable dog water bottle and a dog water dispenser are becoming increasingly popular. But there are some other details you must consider.

feeding dog water with plastic water bottle

In this guide, we will help you explore all the information regarding the importance of water for dogs.

Benefit Of Dog Drinking
How Much Water Does Your Dog Need Each Day
Reason Why Dog Won't Drink Water
Excessive Water Drinking in Dogs

Water helps to provide essential nutrients inside and out of the living cells. It is a natural source that benefits your furry friend to absorb and digest the nutrients. Plus, it even helps to enhance their cognitive ability, protect the spinal cord, improve joint flexibility and manipulate body temperature.

A healthy dog usually monitors their intake of water. They consume around half to one ounce of water for each pound of their weight every day. Suppose your furry friend is 35 pounds of weight. He or she will require somewhat more than two gallons of water every day to stay fit.

Anyhow, if you find it difficult when you are traveling or busy, choose a portable dog water bottle or dog water dispenser to make the task easier.

Your dog not consuming enough water will result in dehydration. A dehydrated body draws out water from the cells, affecting electrolyte imbalance and muscle dysfunction. Furthermore, if your dog drinks water insufficiently, his organs may fail or even die.

thirsty dog and empty water bottle

Do you notice that your dog remains thirstier than usual? This may be because they are not getting sufficient water to drink over time, and endures dehydration, fever, heatstroke, or other medications. Many times, it is also due to weather, activity level, and diet.

The next reason could be the utensil like a bowl which is inconvenient for them. Most people simply place a water bowl for the dogs and keep it until the refilling time comes. Then the water becomes stale and gets contaminated with dust and food particles.

Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Dehydration is a common problem among dogs. You can learn it from watching out the signs like:
Slower movement
Low appetite
Dry gums and nose
Sunken eyes
Loss of skin elasticity

If your dog is not consuming sufficient water, then you must incorporate some measures to ensure enough water drinking. First of all, consider feeding your dog wet food. You can add water to the canned, raw or cooked food to increase their moisture content.

However, this is not enough for them. So, try mixing different flavors with water as it stimulates them to crave more drinking. For instance, add small ice cubes of broth or tuna juice or directly add beef or chicken broth in water as they act as a stimulant.

Again, change your regular plate and keep a dog-friendly bowl or water fountain to address their comfort. Besides investing in a decent drinking fountain, teach them to use water bottles and see how your dog drinks water easily.

Find more detailed info in "ultimate guide to keep your dog hydrated".

dog refuse to drink

In addition to being dehydrated, a dog may ingest excessive water without urination or throwing it out. It mainly happens during diving into the pool that can lead to dropping in electrolyte levels, blood plasma thinning, or swelling of vital organs.

Sign of Water Intoxication

Notice the signs of water intoxication your dogs will show, like bloating, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, excessive salivating, glazed eyes, non-coordination, loss conscious or seizure.

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Dogs want palatable, hygienic, and cold water. A dog drinks proper water when the water bowl is comfortable and easy to drink for him. We recommend you to go for an alternative like a dog water bottle to make sure your dog drinks water at a proper schedule. A portable dog water bottle is a great alternative to bowls as it will be easier to store and dispense. Most importantly, it will help you meet the water requirement of your dogs.

At home, you can watch out for your dog's water intake every day, especially during hotter months. Keep multiple water bottles in different corners to provide clean and fresh water daily. Besides, investing in a decent drinking fountain, replace dog bowls with portable dog water bottles and teach them to use water bottles.

Besides, water intoxication is likely to progress rapidly in dogs. Visit your veterinarian to hasten the expulsion of fluid from the body in a severe condition.

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