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Best Portable Dog Water Bottle for Traveling, Hiking and Running

Updated by Sheryl on Jul 22, 2021

With the summer sun shining, the sunny season is an ideal time to go outside and play frisbee games with your furry friend. It is perfectly fine to let your dog run on the playground and play as he pleases, no matter how hot it is.

Warm weather is just as much a delight for them as it is for you! But summers do welcome scorching heats and dryness. Dogs need friendly, secure, loving homes, as well as nutritional diets, but they also need water.

feed the puppy water

Does your dog’s temperament seem to fluctuate whenever going out for a walk this summer season? There is a possibility that your BFF is dehydrated. Furry animals do need to stay hydrated, just like humans. Don't leave your fluffy animal thirsty without a water backup. Most of the time, we give our dogs a bowl of water and then let them drink until they need more water. In the absence of regular cleaning, bacteria begin to grow in the bowl. To keep your dog healthy and happy, it is crucial for them to drink enough water every day. There are several positive effects of water on dogs as following:

  • The brain and blood need to be hydrated.
  • Serve as a lubricant and cushion for their joints.
  • Regulate the body temperature.
  • Provide waste removal assistance.
  • Provide digestive aid.

There are datas showing that dog owners spend 10.98% of their money on dog accessories and leisure. One of the most jazz items in it is a portable dog water bottle when hiking.

dog hike and drink water

It can be back-breaking to keep your dog moisturized while on the go. A bottle with a dispensing design that is convenient to carry would be a fantastic idea for you this summer. Portable dog water bottles offer several benefits, including:

  1. No worries about water leaks or bulky luggage.
  2. No longer need to carry separate collapsible bowls.
  3. It would be extra peppy and luxurious for your best friend.
  4. Your furry animal has access to fresh water all day.
  5. No-fuss of constant refilling the water dispenser, as it has a large water tank.
  6. Your pup's digestion will improve when he drinks water from the right bottle.

So, instead of lugging around a separate water bowl, keep your pet hydrated with a portable dog water bottle when going out. We have a detailed blog for you on the best pet water bottle when you are traveling, hiking, or running.

Portable dog water bottles are typically filled with water with one-hand operation.

  1. For easy water filling, the majority of water bottle tops have a bowl integrated into them.
  2. A compact design makes it easy to use. It's very easy to feed your pet by touching the water key to fill the water. The water drains into the drinking canal. Release the button key to stop when you are done.
  3. Your pup can drink directly from the bottles with a nozzle.
  4. The bottle may not be used by all dogs, however. Persistence and a little coaxing are necessary to make progress, so be patient.
  5. The way water is given to your pup can be adjusted in this manner.
  6. A couple of his favourite foods might also be a good addition to the water to ensure he drinks from it.

Your Top Pick: iPetor Portable Dog Water Bottle

Featuring a one-hand operator, this iPetor Portable Dog Water is a portable Water Dispenser for Dogs which is easy and convenient to use.

Size: The product is available in two sizes--11 ounces and 13 ounces.

Compatibility: Designed with a curved sink bottom, the bowl makes drinking water a lot easier for dogs, and it allows you to recycle leftover water from your dog's bowl back into the bottle and bottle.

ipetor dog water bottle

Filters and cleaners: BPA-free and lead-free, the bottle is easy to disassemble and clean. It filters chlorine and impurities with an activated carbon filter. One of the best water bottles for dogs is the iPetor Portable Dog Water Dispenser for those who value convenience.

Crisp Lock: Rubber sealing rings make the bottle leak-proof, while the unit’s single lock/unlock button prevents accidental spills.

Colours: You can choose from three different colours: white, turquoise, or pink!

Operation: By pressing a button, your dog can get water, and you don’t have to worry about leaks. One hand operation, press water key to fill water, release to stop water, very easy to feed your pet.

Price: The price range for pet water bottles varies from $11 to $35 depending on the size, capacity, filters, material used, and more factors. Choose your purpose and let the bottle brew the magic to your puppy’s health.

No Water Waste
Durable & Safe
Easy to use: One hand operation
Practical size

Don’t delay and shop today.

Before you buy a water bottle for your pup, it is a good idea to research the features of the bottle. Make sure the following factors are taken into account:


Be sure to evaluate the purpose of the water bottle before looking at its size and shape. For short walks with your dog, a lightweight bottle with a fair cubic content would be ideal. And it is best to have a dog travel water bottle with shoulder straps if he plays or hikes with you a lot. Long walks and trips require water bottles with over 20 ounces of capacity. The size of your pack will depend on the dog’s size, the season, and the activity that you will be doing.

feed the puppy water

But, can you tell me now which is the best dispenser for your dog? Maybe you can’t. Because there are many other factors to consider. Such as, would this benefit your pet’s health? Which breed of dog do you have? Your pup’s drinking habits? Do you consider its cost and durability? These are also important factors you should pay attention to.

Below you will find a detailed guide to bottle specifications that you need to take into account.


Think about switching from stainless steel to plastic for the dog water bottle. You might be thinking, why? Right? Let me clear your thoughts here:

  1. Plastic bottles: Pet parents are concerned about the harmful impact of plastic bottles on mother nature. Nevertheless, most of plastic bottles are BPA-free. Long hikes and walks are a breeze with a lightweight plastic bottle.
  2. A stainless-steel bottle is among the most common and in high demand. This container preserves cool, freshwater. However, it is more cumbersome and not as handy as plastic.


Who wants to carry a heavy pet water bottle when jogging? None of us I believe. You need to ensure that the bottle will not harm your puppy during long walks. For easy access, try to look for containers featuring clips, straps, or carabiners.


It is essential to make sure the container be safe since your pet will be drinking from it. Verify that the material is pet-safe before you buy it. In addition to being difficult to clean, small crevices can pose a health risk to your baby puppy.


Be sure the bottle doesn’t leak water at all. To prevent leaks, Dog water bottles are usually equipped with two or one locks. Neither one is immune from mistakes, so keep the lock secured. Besides, consider the possibility of continuously dripping water as well.

Easy to clean

Since they are used daily, dog water bottles naturally become grimy and smelly. If your pup drinks water, make sure they are clean to ensure their safety and health.

Use dishwasher cleaners that perfectly suit your bottle type, and read the label before making any decision.


Always take into account the volume of water the bottles can hold, especially portable ones. Short trips and short walks can be accomplished with small and medium-sized containers. If you like to go on long walks, run, or just hang out with your friend, invest in some expensive water bottles.

Drinking Feature

Separate bowls can encroach on space and become messy, so having a lid that also serves as a cup is beneficial. There are many water containers for dogs that are equipped with dispensers, bowls, or cups. It doesn’t require you to bring an additional bowl for your four-legged friend because he or she can easily consume the beverage. And you can also consider a showerhead that can be controlled in terms of how much water is released.

The puppy held the water bottle


It also has a feature that retracts water to remove waste. For dirty water to not be pumped into your container, you should get a bottle with a filter. Drinking should be comfortable for your pup no matter what the design is.


A dog travel water bottle will keep your dog hydrated with safe water while they are watching the world while you are traveling. Getting the right amount of water each day is vital to the health and wellbeing of your dog. And you can be sure that you’re going on memorable adventures with your furry friend thanks to the convenience and security provided by the best portable dog water bottle.

Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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