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Ready To Choose the Right Dog Toys? Here We Go!

Updated by Sheryl on Dec 3, 2021

Usually, dogs like to play with every object that they can paw. And their "playing"; always means "chewing" and "chasing". So, if you want them to avoid chewing toilet paper, scratching sofa, cushions, or other inappropriate objects, give them some dog toys to relieve their boredom. And our loaded information will help you.

dog with toys
  • Benefits of dog toys
  • Types of dog toys
  • Dog's favorite toys
  • Factors to consider before buying
  • Ensure independence: Although you love your dogs, you cannot find time to play with them. When your dogs are alone, the best way to entertain them is to provide some fun toys.
  • Promote learning: To increase your pup's capability to learn some new skills, you need to give them toys.
  • Develop good behavior: Toys are the best options for preventing from barking too much. Moreover, without toys, your pets may start chewing your shoes and furniture.
  • Have a better relationship: As you like to strengthen your bond with your dogs, you need to offer toys to them.

Here are four popular types of puppy toys that are safe and perfect for your dog's playtime.

1. Plush Dog Toys

Generally, dogs love to play with plush toys. Plush toys are typically puppy toys that offer extra comfort at night to snuggle up. They need supervision while using because easily to be torn. So, they are helpful mainly before your puppy hits the teething stage.

plush dog toys

2. Interactive Dog Toys

These are the best dog toys that help to establish a bond with the dog. They are typically enrichment toys created to engage your dog physically and mentally through different means.

Fetch toys made of rubber are slightly odd in shape. They can bounce erratically and can add fun to the game. For instance, you can purchase soft versions of flying disks.

  1. Automatic avoid obstacles
  2. 8h standby with 1h charge
  3. Press to operate, auto-moving
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3. Training Dog Toys

Training dog toys are perhaps one of the best dog toys that come in handy to train dogs. They assist in teaching them what they should chew and paw. Since the material is hard, it is most likely to endure aggressive paws and is suitable to carry around to play. Plus, training dogs also help with their teething.

  • Help dog teeth cleaning
  • With squeaky sound
  • 100% Safe, non-toxic, BPA-free
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4. Distraction Dog Toys

Distraction dog toys are durable toys that may have broken treats inside. They can keep your dog busy for several hours when you are out for work.

Distraction toys can be of different types. For instance, you can choose food delivery toys intended to carry small treats and kibbles for your pets.  Similarly, rubber toys with holes at two ends are also easily chewable. You can put some peanut butter into the toy. Another type of distraction toy is the food puzzle toy. Your dog has to solve puzzle to get treats.

dog puzzle toys
  • Balls

    Whether it is a plush ball, rubber ball, tennis ball, squeaker ball, foam ball, or any other ball, dogs love playing with them.

  • Chewable Toys

    Although your dog may find any toy or object chewable, some toys actually emphasize chewing needs. Generally used hard rubber or nylon, chewable toys are durable and ready to last.

  • Squeaky Toys

    Dogs love the repetitive squeak-squeak high-pitch sound that comes out of squeaky toys when they play with them. These toys occupy their mind as the sound acts as a mechanism of action and instant reward.

  • Tug Toys

    Tug toys are also among the favorite toys of dogs as they enjoy the tug-of-war game with other dogs and their owners. Tug toys are usually soft and are of leather, linen, rope, or fire hose.

  • Treat Toys

    As treat toys come with stuffed treats, dogs enjoy spending time with them. It is the job of the owner to monitor that treats inside the toys are healthy.

dog play with ball toys

Whether you watch your dog twirl or play along, you need to choose toys wisely that support their well-being. So, what are the things that you should take into consideration before getting dog toys?  

  • Age

    It is vital to consider the age of your dog to understand what would work out better. Dogs with baby teeth must play with softer and snuggle-friendly toys. So, keep a good collection of plush and soft rubber dog toys for them. And when your dog passes the teething stage and even develops a strong jaw, you can give them hard material toys. For dogs in the teething period, chewing toys can be helpful.

  • Size and Type

    The size and type of dog toys are essential to avoid dreadful consequences. Dogs can easily choke or swallow soft toys that can affect gastrointestinal blockages. Similarly, if you get a tiny toy, your dog may ingest it. So, choosing the right size is extremely crucial.

  • Chewing Intensity

    If your dog chews aggressively, get hard, durable, and indestructible toys.

  • Material

    PVC and other types of plastics are the commonly used materials for dog toys. However, some plastics contain harmful chemicals, like cadmium, mercury, BPA, arsenic, formaldehyde, and lead. Be sure to check before you buy them.

  • Eco-friendliness

    It is always good to buy eco-friendly products, and it is also true for your dog toys. Look for dog toys made of natural materials. Nowadays, pet owners like to buy toys made of wool, wood, rubber, hemp, organic cotton, and jute.

  • There are also leather toys available for dogs. But arguments linger about the use of them. The leather toys also cause a negative impact on the environment.

Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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