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How to Track Your Dog with Apple AirTag

Updated by Amy Granger on Jun 3, 2021

A dog is truly a human's best friend. If you have any doubts regarding their loyalty and love, we suggest you read a story - "Hachi: A Dog's Tale". It is based on a true story and will leave you crying, this will undoubtedly convince you that dogs deserve our love and care. If you truly love your dog, the fear of losing will make your stomach churn and your heart sink. However, those days are gone which you need to continuously keep checking up on your dog to make sure that everything is alright. With the evolution of technology, you can simply track your dog's whereabouts from your smartphone with an Apple AirTag. Yes, it's that simple. You would be wondering how can I track my dog with an Apple AirTag? Before answering this question, let us talk about the product first.

use apple airtag to track dog

When connected AirTag to the phone, you can play a sound through AirTag's built-in speaker. Using Bluetooth signals, the AirTag will alert you to its location. So, all you need to do is follow the sound. Also, you can ask Siri for help. Just say, 'Hey Siri, find my car keys.' This is only suitable for find items that are close to you. However, if you lost the wallet on the way home, or left your keys in the cinema or garden, AirTag can work in another way to help you find the lost items back. If you own an iPhone 11 or above, you can enable the 'Precision Finding' feature, your iPhone will guide you to the tag's location. Besides, there is no need to worry about the leak of your privacy or data security, as everything is been encrypted.

Other notable features include:

  • Water-resistant.
  • Customize the AirTag with your initials, emoji, or both.
  • A battery that is designed to last more than a year.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Customized Hermes AirTag.

No matter how well you train your dog, they have a habit of running out of the home. While they do find their way back home, some occasions might still occur of getting lost, or worse, be stolen by dog snatchers. In these cases, one wishes that having some ways to track the lost dog.

Thanks to Apple's AirTag, tracking your dog has become a reality. All you need to do is attach the AirTag to your dog and that is what a dog collar specially designed to place an AirTag could help. Many manufacturers are offering dog collars made specifically to incorporate AirTag, and one of them is iPetor Flexible Silicone Apple AirTag Case, or you can choose the Lightweight Protective AirTag Case which also works well.

After setting the special dog collar to your dog, all you need to do is open the 'Find My' app on your iPhone to track your dog. When getting lost, it will alert you towards the dog's location.

Most locators come with a limited range but that's not the case with Apple's AirTag. If you can't locate your AirTag, you can put it in 'Lost Mode'. Now, if another iPhone device detects your dog's AirTag, you'll receive the exact location of your dog. Your iPhone will guide you towards the dog's location.

Here's how you can turn on the 'Lost Mode'.

Step 1: Launch the iPhone's 'Find My' App.

Step 2: Go to the 'Items' Tab.

Step 3: Select the 'AirTag' which you want to mark as lost.

Step 4: Scroll Down.

Step 5: Tap on 'Lost Mode' and Enable.

Step 6: Tap on 'Continue'.

Step 7: Enter the Phone Number that you would like others to contact you on.

Step 8: Press 'Next'.

Step 9: Tap on 'Notify When Found'. You can enter a custom message that you would like others to read when they have detected your AirTag. You can only turn on this feature when the AirTag is out of range.

Step 10: Activate.

connect apple airtag to iphone

Now, if any iPhone comes into contact with the AirTag, they will receive a notification displaying your personalized message and phone number, and may contact you. At the same time, you will know AirTag's last location through the 'Find My' app. Please take every precaution to keep your dogs safe. While Apple's AirTag does increase the chances of finding your lost dog, they provide no guarantee that you will find them since your dog may still walk around to other places.

No, you cannot use an AirTag for your lost pets. Apple does not suggest using this tracker for your pets. Despite being tiny and easy to attach, it is not meant for tracking your pets. Apple has stated that AirTags are designed for detecting things and not for living creatures. Another reason is that it may not be suitable for tracking pets and people because of certain clauses.

Apple suggests not to use an AirTag for tracking pets also because it has a limited range and reach. So, it will no longer be useful if your pet has gone far or beyond connectivity. However, proximity is a crucial factor for AirTag, so it is essential to use it for the correct purpose. Moreover, it does not have a secure fit, and your pet might be able to remove it easily. So, overall, it is not effective and does not serve the primary purpose of tracking in the case of pets.

Q1. How far can AirTag track?

Using an AirTag is simple and easy. It uses Bluetooth to get connected with another device for tracking. The Apple device must be at least in a range of 33 feet to make a successful connection in the initial phase. However, for other purposes, the tracking range of this device is about 10 meters. If you go beyond that range, your AirTag will start beeping.

Q2. Which is better - Apple AirTag or GPS?

Both devices come with benefits and drawbacks. From my perspective, Apple AirTag is better than a GPS because:

  • Water Resistance
  • More than 1-year Battery Life
  • Works Everywhere
  • Does Not Need a SIM Card
  • Does Not Require Additional Apps
  • Community Find
  • Android Phones Can Track It Too
  • Location Accuracy is the Best
  • Dust Resistant
  • No Subscription Required

The only downside is that Apple AirTag can work with iPhones alone. Please note that while Android Phones can track it, you still need an iPhone to set it up. In the case of GPS, there are several drawbacks, including:

  • Low Battery Life
  • Requires a SIM Card
  • Poor Connectivity
  • Community Find Feature is Not Available
  • Requires Additional Apps to Operate

Q3. Apple AirTag vs Tile vs Galaxy SmartTag – Which is Better?

apple airtag vs tile vs samsung smart tag
  Apple AirTag Tile Galaxy SmartTag
Compatibility Apple's Find My App Tile App Samsung's SmartThings Find App
Requirement Apple ID Tile App Samsung ID
System iOS iOS + Android Samsung Galaxy Phones Only
Range 61m 80m 120m
Design 39.1 x 39.1 x 8.0mm, 11g 42x42x6.5mm, 12g 38x38x8mm, 12g
Additional Features NFC (Compatible with Any Device that has NFC Including Android) Smart Alert (Premium Feature) Which Alerts the Owner if they Have Left Something Behind Programmable Button
Price $29.00/£29.99/€35.00 $24.99/£19.99/€24.99 $29.99/£29.00/€35.00

As all Apple devices require an Apple ID to run, Apple users have a greater chance of finding their lost dog. In Samsung's case, not all users use the Samsung ID because it is not necessary, nor do all people have the Tile App. Choose the one that right fits you according to your circumstances.


If you have any suggestions regarding Apple AirTag and using them to track your dog, please feel free to leave a comment below. Apple AirTag is not the only choice that you can use for tracking your dog, what we encourage you is to take action to protect your pets. While nothing can guarantee absolute protection, taking action is better than do nothing.

Amy Granger
Amy is an editor from iPetor, owns a 4-year experience in writing tips and tutorial for users. As a pet owner, she will share more pets care methods and recommend more useful products for all pet owners.
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