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Should Dogs Wear Shoes? When Dogs Need Shoes?

Updated by Sheryl on Sep 30, 2021

Most dogs do not need to wear shoes because of higher body temperature than their owners. But in some cases, dog shoes may be beneficial. Do you take them out for running, biking, hiking, or walking? Well, it can be dangerous for your furry friend to walk barefoot on rough terrain. Then you should prepare a pair of shoes made for him.

But choosing shoes for your dog is also a technique you need to learn. There are many viral videos where you may see furry friends wearing puppy shoes and romping uncomfortably. You should choose dog shoes that are comfortable and don't rub against their paws. In this article, we will guide you to find the answer for “Should Dogs Wear Shoes” and benefits of dog shoes.

puppy wearing shoes
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Here are a few points that will help you be sure of "if" and "when" to put shoes on the dog's paws:

  1. Unsure of Weather Issue

    Dogs should wear shoes in harsh weather conditions such as chilly winters. Of course, except for the sledge dogs, which you should know are a special dog breed having thick fur coating and unique feet padding. Again, during summertime, it will be uncomfortable for dogs to walk on the hot sand, heated pool deck, or similar areas with unprotected feet.

    If you are still in a dilemma about whether to make your dog wear shoes when the weather is extremely hot or cold, do a simple test. Stand bare feet on the ground where you plan to take your dog. If you feel the discomfort of standing on the surface after standing for only five seconds, then you know you must put shoes on your dog's paws.

  2. Dog paws after Wounds or Surgery

    Unfortunately, if your dog endures a foot injury or needs to undergo feet surgery, it's ideal to cover your dog's feet for better recovery. Dog shoes help the injury, or surgical dent remain clean until full healing.

  3. Travelling on Rough Terrain

    Suppose you want to hike through the woods and mountains with your dog. Do you know that there will be different types of risks for both oneself and the dog? From rough and pointed rocks, burrs, roots to uneven terrain, there are many threats that can scrape or cut the dog's paws.

    Dog shoes can offer extra support and cushion. It protects their paws and toes from rough surface scraping while they walk. Additionally, the good friction of shoes provides easy mobility in them. Remember, it is essential to put shoes on an old dog as he may drag their feet to walk.

dog go hiking with shoes on

In general, dogs can do without shoes. But he best way to provide additional protection to your dog's sensitive pads is by giving them the dog shoes. You must realize that dogs may not like wearing shoes at the beginning. So, it is your job as a dog owner to make them familiar with wearing shoes.

  • Prevent Sunburn in Summer

    Shoes are important to make summer adventures more comfortable and convenient for your dogs, i.e., stroll outside during hot summer days. The very idea itself comes with scorching heat, sweat, and fatigue. But dog shoes can give their feet pads much-needed protection and relief from the uncomfortable hot asphalt.

  • Avoid Paw Freezing in Winter

    Dog boots especially play a significant role in the winter months. Without dog boots, snow can accumulate between the hair of your dog's paws. In chilly winter, when the weather turns freezing, snow can convert to ice, which may wound the webbing present between the toes. Furthermore, this can offer extra support to dogs, especially the senior ones who walk slow and are comparatively stiffly than the puppies.

  • dog wearing shoes in the winter
  • Act as Slip-Resistant

    You like to take your furry friend hiking along with you. But, do you know, it becomes a challenge for them? Usually, dogs spend most of their time in town, where they walk on the grass yard or marble floors. Hence, covering the hiking trails on their paws becomes a matter of challenge.

    So, if you want to prevent slipping and skidding, an investment in dog shoes can help. The best dog boots come with rubber soles that offer absolute support and comfort. Moreover, it gives outstanding protection from coldness and other factors.

  • Speed up Recovery

    Dog shoes do help a dog after undergoing an injury or surgery. Getting your dogs a pair of shoes can protect their paws from further damage and allow them to recover better. The specially designed shoes are breathable and comforting to the dog's paws.

  • Keep Your Space Clean

    Many times, you find it hard to protect your scratchable floors from dog nails. Their long nails can leave marks or destruction on them.

    In addition, dogs can't realize that their paws are wet and dirty when there is a rainy day. While you may do your best to clean up their feet, the fact is it is not always possible. It is only waterproof dog shoes that can help you ease the problem.

dog wearing shoes

Now we believe you know why it is important to make dogs wear shoes. Still, the question, which one to pick and how to pick may linger on your mind. Here are some of the points that you can keep in mind while shopping for dog shoes:

  • Water-resistant: Choose waterproof dog shoes. So, even if you take them out for swimming or on a rainy day, waterproof shoes will protect them.
  • Textured Soles: Textured soles provide resistance to slipping and sliding. They are great for walking in the snow and glaciers.
  • Reflective Straps: A bright reflective Velcro strap ensures the safety of your dog from losing or accidental bumping from motorbikes and other pedestrians.
  • Warmer Vamp: Find dog shoes with mountaineering wearable vamp and wool to prevent the discomfort of wind and chilly weather.
  • Warm& Windproof
  • Be visible at night
  • For all outdoor activities
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How long can my dog wear shoes?
Ideally, you must not make your dog wear shoes for a long time. The heat inside the shoes may irritate or discomfort your dog unnecessarily. If you take your dog out, do not make him wear shoes for more than 5 hours.
Why do dog shoes keep falling?
Your dog shoes may fall mainly because of incorrect dog boots size. A loose pair of dog boots will make it more challenging for your furry friend to walk. Contrary to this, tight dog shoes will add extra pressure on their feet and numb them.It is best to choose a proper size for your dog, and if necessary, contact the sellers.
Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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