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Why Dogs Like Squeaky Toys? [Interesting Secrets Revealed]

Updated by Sheryl on Nov 4, 2021

Dogs love to chew and toss around their favorite toys. But they can go crazy to play with the squeaky toys. Even after hours of playtime, they deal with it as it is still new.

Though the squeaking sounds may be annoying to you but not for your dog, it makes most dog owners wonder why dogs like squeaky toys? Generally speaking, dogs like squeaky toys because the high-pitched squeak resembles the sound of wounded prey that satisfies their hunting instinct. They have evolved the hunting instincts of their wild ancestors. But there are more factors behind this interest.

In this post, you'll find all you want to know about dog's crazy to the squeaky toys.

dog and toys
  • Reasons Why Do Dog Like Squeaky Toys
  • How To Choose the Right Squeaky Toys
  • Risks of Squeaky Toys
  • What To Do If Your Dog is Afraid of Squeaky Toys
  • Final Notes

A variety of shapes, textures, and sizes of squeaky toys are available for your dog at pet stores. Mostly, your furry friends get bored too soon by playing with a silent toy. Plus, they get satisfaction by ripping apart it---dog owner knows well how expensive they are! Moreover, they adopt destructive behaviors such as barking, howling, biting due to boredom. While playing with a squeaky toy helps engage in a positive activity instead of creating trouble in the house. But why?

Instant Gratification from Squeak

Basically, the squeak of a toy is the main thing alluring to your dog. It loves the way how the toy shows the immediate reaction in the form of a squeak. This instant gratification is similar to a reward that stimulates them to do it again and again. Contrarily, a silent doesn't speak back when your dog chews on it. That's why you'll notice that your pup mostly picks the squeaky toys from its toy basket instead of the silent ones.

Chewing Fun

According to an Applied Animal Behavior Science study, dogs prefer to play with toys that make noises and can be chewed easily. Chomping down on a squeaking toy is fun for dogs. Some of these toys produce high-pitched sounds that stimulate them to play more. On the other hand, low-pitched squeaks are calming to some dogs.

However, it doesn't mean that all the dogs show the same reaction to the sound of squeakers. Some puppies don't even like the sound of these toys. In contrast, teething pups love to chew these squeakers to relieve the sore gums.

dog and toy

Mental Stimulation

The playtime with squeaky toys provides mental stimulation to your pooch and keeps them engaged. Additionally, exercise keeps them healthy and helps in improving their sleep. Also, they develop good behaviors instead of self-stimulating destructive behaviors that cause problems for other pets.

Hunting Instinct Satisfaction

In fact, you can't ignore the natural hunting instinct in the genes of your dogs. They are descendants of wolves and share the same hunting behavior. They used to hunt their food and keep attacking the frightened, wounded prey until it stopped crying and died eventually. Therefore, the high-pitched sound of the squeaky toy satisfies your dog's predator instinct. They assume the toy as a vulnerable prey that stops crying once killed.

dog and toys

Dental Health Improvement

Naturally, dogs have a desire to chew on different things. Therefore, they like to chew the squeaky toys which can improve their dental health, reduce plaque build-up, and massage gums. But if you don't encourage them to use the suitable material for satisfying their chewing urge, they'll start destroying your valuable household items.

Play Behavior Reinforcement

Your pet canines know very well how to seek your attention. So, if you ever play fetch with them using squeaky toys, they'll assume that they'll get more attention from you while playing with these toys. Besides positive play behavior reinforcement, interactive play strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Plus, it triggers the release of happy hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and serotonin, which help improve dog's mood.

Squeaks are Thrilling

Dogs are curious buddies; they love to explore the source of the squeak. That's why they get crazy to play with a plush squeaky toy. Some dogs get thrilled with the sound of a squeak and the toys that make grunt-like sounds. They are obsessed with repeating the fun and feel that they are doing the right thing.

dog and toy

While choosing squeaky toys for your dog, keep the following points in mind.

  • Mostly, the stuffed toys are the least durable and can be destroyed easily. Therefore, you should select sturdier toys made of rubber or plastic. Squeaky plush toys with no stuffing are best for toy destroyers.
  • The squeaky balls with the abrasive outer clothing are not suitable for your pup—instead, select plastic or rubber balls.
  • Plastic or thin vinyl squeakers are more durable than soft plush toys. But they should be replaced if damaged.
  • Choose a soft plush toy if your pup has sensitive gums, which are ideal for smaller dogs. Make sure to select one made of BPA-free and food-grade material.

Playing with squeaky toys might be great fun for your furry friend, but it can also be risky:

  1. Some dogs have a habit of ripping apart toys to get out the squeak. Plus, most curious buddies can even taste stuffing and the small plastic parts on the toys. Both of these materials can stick in the intestines of your pup or an adult dog. They can be highly harmful and require surgery.
  2. Most dogs are known to choke or swallow the whole squeakers. Such situations require instant first aid. Otherwise, your pet can die.
  3. The rough edges of a used toy can injure the mouth of your pet.
Safety Tips
  1. Make sure to supervise your dog during the play session. Store the toys in a safe place when you are not around.
  2. If your dog has a history of damaging the soft toys, never leave such toys nearby when it is alone.
  3. Regularly check the toys for any rips or tears.
  4. Dispose of the damaged plastic and rubber toys. Throw away the stuffed toys that have rips or tears in them.

Not all dogs love to play with squeaky toys. Most of them are afraid of the loud noise of such toys. They may have less prey drive and a calm personality.

If you want your afraid dog to experience a squeaky toy, purchase one with a softer squeak. If it is still reluctant, set the toy among other playful items to let your dog explore it. If this trick doesn't work, purchase silent toys for your pooch.

Of course, if you are one of the pet parents who enjoy a peaceful home, avoid buying such toys for your pet.

As pet parents, you should appreciate your dog if it loves playing with squeaky toys. Such toys provide both mental and physical stimulation to your four-legged friend. In addition, they improve the dental health and behavior of your pet. So instead of adopting destructive behavior, it is better to keep your dog engaged in a positive activity. But you should not ignore the choking hazards of these toys. So, never leave your pet unattended during the play.


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