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12 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Pet 2022

Updated by Sheryl on Dec 7, 2021

Looking for a satisfied Christmas gift for your furry four-legged friend can be quite a challenge because some furballs are quite picky. You may be overwhelmed with the choices that the internet offers you for the best dog Christmas gifts. Frankly, it is common to be confused about this festive season as there are so many things that you want to spoil your child with. 

But whether your fur baby has been nice or naughty, he or she certainly deserves a gift!  And we are here as Santa's agent to help you search for the perfect present for them. And if you are new to pets, then this list is perfect, because you are sure to use the items listed in.

Christmas gifts for pets
  • Adorable Dog Hoodies
  • Thick Dog Christmas Sweater Purple and Green
  • Best Daily Wear Sweater
  • Best Xmas Gifts
  • Best DIY Grooming Tools
  • Best Multi-function Feeder
  • Best Pet-Safe Water Supply
  • Best Interactive Toy
  • Best Puzzle Game
  • Best-Seller Brush
  • Most Comfortable Bed
  • Most Fashionable Cat Leash

This winter, you can dress up your furry baby as froggy, a duck, or cute red reindeer. The adorable full sleeve hoodie will keep your dog warm this winter.

It has a drawstring to keep the hood in a perfect place. The hoodie is available in a choice of three colors— red, yellow, or green and six sizes from XS to XXL, fit for the smallest breeds like chihuahuas to larger breeds like Huskies and German shepherds.

It is made out of polyester to endure the shenanigans of your fur baby.

  • Super cute look
  • Keep pets warm
  • Soft fabric
  • Machine washable
$20.99 $34.99 -40%
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The purple and green sweater captures the Christmassy vibe in its true essence. The prints on this sweater capture all festive elements, such as snowflakes, Santa, snowman, and Christmas tree.

The outer fabric is made of soft silk fabric, and the inner is made of flannel fabric. The easy neckline makes it easy for you to put on and take off the sweater.

  • Thick and warm
  • Big Collar Opening, Easy to Wear
  • Exquisite Workmanship
  • Classic Xmas elements
$17.99 $24.99 -28%
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The woolen daily wear sweater will garner your good boy loads of compliments. It is a sleeveless sweater with a broad neckline, making it perfect for breeds like pugs and boxers, available in a variety of 4 colors.

It renders a smart look to your pup, making him the center of attention in any dog park when you take him out for a walk. This canine outfit is an excellent choice for indoor wear as well on chilly winters.

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Fits several occasions, such as daily walks, outdoor activities, hiking
$20.99 $35.99 -41%
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If you are in the mood of harnessing the true spirit of this festive season, then nothing can do better than these miniature Christmas stockings for dogs.

You can use these toys to attract the attention of your pet. These colorful toys in the shape of Santa, candy cane, belles, and more make wonderful toys for playing fetch with smaller dog breeds and cats.

And most of all, these plush toys are pet-friendly and are non-toxic in the constitution.  

  • Toys set + costumes set
  • Non-toxic and harmless high-quality material
  • Various toys: Enjoy full fun
  • Dress up your peyts as you like
$38.99 $55.99 -30%
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Grooming your pet can be a real hassle, especially around the winters. With the DIY kit consisting of a hairbrush, comb, hairdryer, clipper, and a set of scissors, it can be easy anymore.

The high-quality pet grooming accessories have been designed by keeping pet safety in mind so that you can bathe your fur baby with ease.
From small cats to the largest dog breeds, this grooming is suitable for all.

  • Suitable for all fur-pets
  • Fits for daily massage and nail trimming of your pet
  • Contains a hair dryer, a bath brush, a comb, a nail clippers and a pet grooming scissors set
$119.99 $171.99 -30%
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If you are planning a short trip this Christmas or multiple visits to your friends and family, you should certainly get this multifunctional pet feeder.

The feeder has a feature to let you record your voice so that every time your pup or cat eats, he or she can feel your presence. The large hopper has a capacity of 6L, which is enough to feed your pet for up to 15 days.

If you are an Instagrammer, then this feeder is your friend as it lets you capture videos of your furball's dramatic tail wags. 

  • Smartphone programming design
  • With low food sensor
  • Dual power protection
  • With video record
$139.99 $185.99 -24%
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The health of the pet is the topmost priority of any pet lover. Gift your pet the water fountain so that they can always have access to fresh drinking water.

It is made of high-grade stainless steel with a four-stage filtration system as well as an energy-saving and super quiet pump.

Your pet would want to drink more flowing water as you can regulate the type of flow from three different options.

  • With 4-stage filtering circulation system
  • Made of 304 stainless steel material
  • With ultra-quiet, energy-saving pump
  • With 3 different flows
$53.99 $77.99 -30%
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Cats can be surprisingly moody. And what's one thing that always gets them in a good mood? A ball, of course! This interactive ball rotates 360 degrees.

It can move, shake, rotate in every direction and make various bird sounds. The interactive toy for felines also lights up.

If your cat is sensitive to sounds, you can also put it in silent mode. Gift your cat this present to put your feline friend always in a happy mood.

  • With bird sound and LED light
  • Large capacity battery
  • Safe and durable
  • With replaceable feathers
$28.99 $40.99 -29%
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Pups often love biting, chewing, and tearing off household items. They often do it because of boredom.

The puzzle mat will keep your dog engaged while curbing its shenanigans. You can enhance your pup's sniffing sense by hiding food and other objects under the flaps of the mat.  And you, can sit back and enjoy watching your doggo trying to find out hidden treasures. The suction cups underneath ensure the mat does not skid.

  • Improve your dog's smell hunting
  • Reduce stress and separation anxiety
  • Non-slip design with suction cups
$37.99 $54.99 -31%
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Your pet would relax and enjoy while you give them a gentle massage with this hairbrush. The stainless-steel blades have a 140-degree arc that lets you remove dander and fur without tugging and pulling. Say goodbye to all the fur cleaning hassle.

It is perfect for brushing both topcoats and undercoats. Just one click and the head would detach from the body, bringing out all the fur. You can retract it again with a single click.

  • One-click Hair Removal Design
  • 10mm 140°arc steel needle design
  • Give pet a comfortable massage
$19.99 $28.99 -31%
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Dogs love warmth. This winter, throw out that ragged dog bed and gift him this comfortable one with super soft filling. The outer layer is furry to keep your pet warm in this chilling weather.

The sides are raised to support your pup's head and neck. You can safely throw it in the washer and dryer. The bed is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, which makes it suitable for all dog and cat breeds. 

  • Plush and thick cushion provides a super-soft filling
  • Super comfortable and soft to the touch
  • Raised rim design provides head and neck support
$40.99 $55.99 -27%
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Cats occasionally like to go out for a walk. Luckily, you can take your kitty for a walk with this fashionable cat leash on them. Your kitty will love the feeling of this perfect leash as the linings are designed to avoid any rubbing.

There is an escape-proof design with reflective strips, and the fluorescent borders can ensure maximum visibility at night. The adjustable strap provides a snug fit on your feline's body.

You can rest assured that the metal D ring will hold the strap together while your pet enjoys their daily walks.

  • Easy to Wear, with adjustable belt
  • Vest-style design, reduce pressure, prevent choking or neck strain
  • Made of soft fabric, without hair wearing
  • Anti-escape: with fast-release buckle and metal D-rings
$22.99 $35.99 -36%
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Your pet would love all the gifts that are listed here. Whether you have a dog or a cat, we have something for you to gift them this Christmas.

Why choose from these treats, sweaters, and toys? Because we have garnered rave reviews of these select products that pets around the globe absolutely love! No matter which product you choose, your furball will certainly be very happy with it.

Enjoy the wonderful vacation and warm winter with your pet happily!

Sheryl is an editor from iPetor, owns extensive pet care experience. As a professional writer, she can provide useful pet care tips for all "parents".
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